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Books (children's fictional stories from a shepherds viewpoint):

  • The Little Shepherd's Christmas, by Carol Heyer, Candy Cane Press, 2011, Hardcover, Ages 4-8. 
    Storyline:  This is Reuel's big chance to prove that he can tend sheep just as well as his older brothers. All he has to do is keep a watchful eye on his little flock. But, distracted by his brothers' teasing, he looks away just long enough for a young lamb to wander. Searching for his he hears the glorious message: the Savior has been born and journeys to meet newborn King.
  • The Little Shepherd Girl, By: Juliann Henry, David C. Cook / 2007 / Hardcover, 
    Young Sarah wants to be a shepherd, even though usually only boys are allowed to tend the sheep. But with a family full of girls, what's a father to do? Sarah goes to the fields with the flock and her cousins, and on her first night is astounded by the sight of angels announcing the birth of a Saviour. Although her cousins all boys disappear, Sarah is mindful of her responsibility, and she and all the sheep make their way back to Bethlehem where she encounters a baby in a manger. This charming picture book for ages 4 to 7 retells the Christmas story from the perspective of a plucky young girl who learns that she is loved by her father, and by God the Father.
    Update Nov. 2013 - book is OUT OF PRINT but you can still find it online.
  • The Greatest Shepherd of All: A Really Woolly Christmas Story, Tommy Nelson / 2006 / Hardcover, 9781400309641
    When a host of Christmas angels announces the birth of the Great Shepherd, the Really Woolly sheep decide they want to see him for themselves! Join Faith, Hope, and Joy on their exciting journey. Sure, they'll face scary obstacles and detours--but the good news at the end is worth it! Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • The Shepherd's Christmas Story, By: Dandi Daley Mackall, Illustrated By: Dominic Catalano, Concordia, 2005, Hardcover, 9780758609045.
    This is the story of that announcement, described by a shepherd who was there. With fear, awe, and tremendous joy, the lowly shepherds listened to the angel's message and marveled that their long-awaited Savior was born. Join the shepherds as they hear the amazing news and race to the manger to kneel before the Christ Child. Recommended for ages 6 to 10.
  • Meira the Shepherd Girl: A Christmas Story, By: Patsy Sorrells, Pleasant Word (winepress Pub), 2005, Paperback, 1414102836.
    Meira’s father is a shepherd not far from Bethlehem. He and his son often take the sheep to look for fresh grazing places. Meira longs to go along, but her parents feel she is too young. She is surprised and excited one day when her mother tells her she can go with her father and brother. They will take the sheep to the shepherd fields near Bethlehem. She has an even bigger surprise in store, as this is the very night the Christ Child is born. Meira is there when the angel appears to the shepherds. She, along with her father and brother, has the privilege of welcoming the Savior.
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Terrific free Christmas Bible Story illustrations and story for younger children, preschool.

from New Zealand author Jill Kemp and artist Richard Gunther.

1. Free printable color PDF book of the Luke nativity story (Angel and Joseph, the journey to Bethlehem, no room at inn, shepherds and angels).

Link to their other Christmas story handouts:

Printable Shepherds and Angels booklet to assemble:

Link to larger versions of each illustration at

To get the LARGE VERSION of these story images from, click the DOWNLOAD LINK  at

From there you can select the file format you want -- powerpoint, jpegs, and even as black and white coloring pages!

All these free images are licensed for use 
for non-commercial teaching purposes.


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