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More Resources and Ideas for Paul’s Journey’s

Maps, storybooks, videos, drama, etc. resource recommendations from Luanne:


  • “Shipwrecked:  Story”, by See The Light.  VERY COOL!
    Story told through fluorescent chalk drawing with blacklight (15 mins) can purchase through Vimeo scroll down it's #1.


  • Life of Christ
    Note: Discovery Interactive’s "Life of Christ" CD has gone out of print (its material has been turned into an online course). Learn more here!
    4 Journey Maps– give kids maps so they can trace each journey as the software walks them through it. (I give everyone a copy of the maps showing cities, but not routes Paul took, on a clipboard along with four coloured markers). They then love to draw each journey, as the software walks them through.

The following three software titles are OUT OF PRINT, but left here for those many rotation churches who have them:

  • Life of Paul – Kid’s Interactive Series
    - 3 Video Clips (from the 1990's Superbook Video Series) – heals lame man, conversion, shipwreck)
    - if you have this program suggest you review the teaching tips (outline) on this program that came from Sunday Software for all that is in this program, especially the Application Notes, to see what you may wish to cover.

  • Charlie Church Mouse Early Elementary – Journey to Rome.

    - Paul – 5 pages (Home / Blinding Light / Mad Crowds / Courtroom Drama / Shipwreck Journey to Rome)
    - Barnabas – 3 pages (1st Journey)
    - John Mark – 3 pages (1st Journey)
    - Timothy – 1 page (2nd Journey)
    - Silas – 3 pages – has a short peacemaker quiz (2nd Journey)
    - Aquila & Priscilla – 1 page (2nd Journey)


  • Poster - “Paul Overcomes Prison” (Heroes of the Bible Series – 24” x 36"). See this and other Bible Poster go to Hero of the Bible Posters at

  • Bulletin Board Idea - "Signpost Job Assignment Bulletin Board Set", Item #110180 (21.5” x 66.5") by Carson Delosa. If this goes out of print, just look for any signpost bulletin board set or create your own.
    Comes with 10 signs and a top sign post.  Top sign write "Paul's Journey's", then take the 10 individual signs and write a major city on each.


  • "30 New Testament Quick Skits", by Stephen James, Standard Publishing, 2004, 9780784716304.
    Pg. 95 - Praying by The River (Paul, Silas & Lydia) - when we did this I did up overheads for "Women" & "Holy Spirit" - congregation did these parts - men were holy spirit / woman-woman.
    Pg. 98 - The Man Who Wasn't Dead - Paul keeps preaching even after being stoned.
    Pg. 29 - The Riot in Ephesus (Demetrius)
    Pg. 30 - Shipwrecked!
    Steven James, author, does a wonderful job with humor, which the kids love, and the message is always clear. Love his stuff.


  • Life Size Board Game – covering the Life of Paul. See this idea expanded in the Games Forum.


  • "Paul's Missionary Journeys" – 4 Individual Maps (11” x 17” each) done by “My Bible First” Curriculum (Adventist).   Laminated - only $1.50 each, plus shipping!   Journey’s are marked with descriptions of major events. if this this doesn't work go this route - at website choose - Categories – Timeline & Posters - Individual Posters – Scroll Down – select ones you want by checking box beside map(s).  Outside of the U.S. call in your order so they can give you shipping costs.

  • "Paul's Journeys: Then & Now Wall Chart", Rose Publishing, 2004, ISBN: 9901980844.
    Compares a Bible map of the lands where Paul traveled, side-by-side with a modern-day map of those same lands.. Also includes reproducible worksheets on back of map.
    Also available as a laminated wall chart ISBN: 9901980984.
    Laminated is nice because you can draw on it with water white board markers or place stickers or pictures on it and then remove them until next time.


  • “Go! Let’s Go!”, website: Maynard’s Groovy Bible Tunes! – Conversion & Traveling.

Resource Books:

  • "Bible Stories & Activities Paul" (Ages 7-11), Teacher Created Resources, 2007, 9781420670691.  Includes map bulletin board idea and activities, such as, crafts, puzzles, etc for several of Paul's stories.

  • "Paul's Travels", By: Tim Dowley, (Candle Discovery Series), by Lion Hudson, 2009, #9780825473838. Hardcover, Ages 7-12.
    Inside front and back covers are the maps of all four journeys.
    Through each chapter Paul tells his story and includes a removable one page letter.
    Letters are:

    TO:   Jewish Leader, in Damascus, Syria    FROM: Chief Priests, in Jerusalem.
    TO:   Followers of Jesus, Asia Minor    FROM:  Paul.
    TO:   Captain Rufus, The Main Jail, Philippi, Macedonia    FROM:   Paul.
    TO:   Roman Citizen Paul, Imperial Jail, Caesarea-on-Sea, Judea    FROM:  Nero Claudius Caesar of Germanicus.
    TO:   Philemon (owner of Onesimus the slave), City of Colossae, Asia Minor    FROM:  Paul.
    TO:   Timothy, Leader of the Christians, Ephesus, Asia Minor    FROM:  Paul.

  • Roman Ship Model", By: Tim Dowley, (Candle Discovery Series), by Lion Hudson, 2009, #9780825473623. Hardcover, Ages 7-12. All about the first ships (boats) including Paul's voyage and shipwreck.  Includes a paper Roman ship model to build.

Story Books:

  • Arch Books Series, Concordia
    –  "Lydia Believes", 2014, 9780758646071, story found in 2nd missionary journey.
    –  "Jailhouse Rocked", by Glynis Belic, 1999.  The story of the jailing of Paul and Silas
       and their miraculous release found in their 2nd missionary journey.
    –  "Timothy Joins Paul", by Pottmann, Erick, 2001.  Timonthy joins Paul & Silas on his
       2nd missionary journey.
    –  "Shipwrecked", by Claire Miller,2002, 9780570075806.  Tells of the journey to Rome.

  • Happy Day Books Series, Standard.
    - "A Jailer Set Free", by Karen Cooley, 2006, 9780784719312.  Shows Peter & Silas with arms through wooden stockade 2nd missionary journey.

  • God Loves Me Storybook Series, by Faith Alive, 1998. (Ages 2-3)
    Each book includes activities to do with children in the back.
    –   "The Shipwreck" – The Story of Paul’s Rescue at Sea, 9781562123215
    –   "A Ride in the Night" – The Story of Paul’s Escape on Horseback, 9781562123208
    –   "A Song in the Night" – The Story of Paul & Silas in Prison, 9781562123192

  • "Paul's Life and Journeys", by Carol Kauaffman, DP_Paul_01Illustrated by Gao Hanyu, Scandinavia, 2008, 9788772479767 (ages 4-7).
    Luanne's Review:  2 Pages - Cover (14" x 14") shaped like a suitcase - inside cover is a simple map (14" x 22") of Paul's journey's.  Inside are 12 removable mini board books (3 1/2"x 3 1/4") - publisher's photo. 12 Mini-board Books are: Saul Meets Jesus; Saul is Blind; Ananias Prays for Paul; Saul Escapes in a Basket; A Governor Believes; Throwing Stones at Paul; The Man with Crippled Feet; A Woman Named Lydia; In Prison During an Earthquake; Eutychus; Shipwreck; Snake Bite on Malta. Possibilities:  Use books for sequencing game they are numbered, but numbers could be covered up.

  • “Preach, Paul!” by Carolyn Nystrom, Kregel, 2004, 9780825433337.

  • "Upside Down, Turn Me Around Bible Stories: Paul and the Deadly Fall and Paul's Great Escape", By: Suzanne Slade, Cook Communications, 2006, 9780781443494.
    Here are two Bible books in one--Read the story of Paul's Great Escape in one direction, then flip the book upside down and turn it around to find another "front" cover, and the story of Paul and the Deadly Fall to go with it. Also includes Faith Parenting Guide. Recommended for ages 4 to 7.

  • "Journey's of Adventure: The Story of Paul" (Bible Wise Series) By: Carine Mackenzie, Christian Focus, 1999, ISBN: 9781857924657.  Ages 5-9. Stories of Paul’s journeys.

  • "We Knew Paul", By: Marian Hostetler, Herald Press, 1992, ISBN: 9780836135893.  (OUT OF PRINT)
    Description: A dozen stories about the apostle Paul, told from the perspectives of young people who met Paul during his missionary travels. These stories are based on the biblical accounts and give insight into the man who was such a strong leader in the early church.

  • "Paul and Silas Go to Jail", (Bible Big Books), Ages 3&4: , Hands-On Bible Curriculum, Group, ISBN: 9781559455770.Great for reading to little ones due to large size (16” x 20").  Nicely illustrated and easy to read aloud because text is reproduced on the back cover!

  • "Postcards from Paul", by Hazel Scrimshire, CF4K, 9781845507893, reprinted 2012 bigger size 5.3" x 6.7".
    I thought these were very nicely done and they are inexpensive.  On each page left side are cartoon pictures, sometimes with a map.  On the right page is Paul's letter addressed to Dear Friends.  Cartoons opposite page tie in with Paul's letter.  Each letter is also postmarked:  Damascus, Tarusus, Cyprus, etc.  15 Postcards in total.


  • Ship (make out of cardboard - see one I made for Noah)
  • Waves/Water
    Group Publishing – Outlet Mall: Water Fabric, 54” x 108”, 9780764491061
  • Signs of different destinations/cities

Video (Movies):

BASED specifically on OR includes Travels of Paul storylines:

  • "What's The Bible All About?  #11 - Spreading the Good News", JellyFish Labs, 2013, 858100003380.
    - Part 2 includes journey's in a section where Clive and Owen fly their plane over a map showing cities Paul traveled to.

  • "Read and Share DVD Bible Volume #3", by Gwen Ellis, Thomas Nelson, 2009, 9781400313051. (2 stories each approx. 3 minute - Short and simple for the little ones).
      - Paul’s Travels – A Woman Who Sold Purple Cloth; & Earthquake!
      - Paul’s Shipwreck – People Laugh at Paul; Shipwrecked!; & A Poisonous Snake.

  • "The Ministry of Paul", Nest Family, DVD, ISBN 1564897060
    Animated, 30 minutes, includes 3 quizzes on DVD, and 64 page activity book Nest Family

  • "Adventures of the Apostle Paul" (DVD). Ages 8+.
    Includes three 9-minute animated segments (two which focus on):
      - Imprisoned at Philippi - Paul and Silas en route (Acts 16)
      - Shipwrecked at Malta - Paul as a prisoner makes it to Rome (Acts 27-28)

  • "The Great Escape" DVD (Visual Bible for Kids), 0849959381.  (Out of print – check amazon)
    Includes:  Peter's miracle-filled prison escape, Paul & Silas in an earthquake, and Paul's shipwreck survival on the island of Crete.


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  • Book - Paul's Life and Journey's
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Author Jill Kemp has a number of FREE printable one-page Bible storybooks for younger children and preschoolers which use Richard Gunther kid-friendly illustrations.

NEW Testament storybooks:

OLD Testament storybooks:

These include both color and black & white story pages.

Free one-page printable storybook:

You can find more free Bible illustrations by Richard Gunther at and licensed for non-commercial teaching use. Illustrations by themselves are good for teaching non-readers and for using as "charade" or Pictionary clues, and for story-ordering games.

To see all of Gunther's other illustrated stories organized by Bible story go to https://www.freebibleimages.or...tors/richardgunther/


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Here is a helpful Bible Background video on the Apostle Paul for teachers to ponder as they prepare to teach about Paul's journey to Rome/and shipwreck at sea.  It's about patience and how God uses the time we spend in specific places to prepare us for where God wants us to go, i.e. for Paul, his ministry in Rome.

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