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DVD - “Revelation:  The Last Battle!” (New Superbook Series)

Last Battle
Chris accidentally burns down his family's home and he is sure that there is no forgiveness for something this big! Superbook then takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to witness the end of the world.

In this episode, you will witness the last battle between Satan’s evil forces and God’s conquering- army of angels.  Through this experience, Chris discovers the greatness of God’s forgiveness and restoration.  Lesson:  God’s forgiveness has made it possible for all of us to be saved.  (Animated - approx. 28 mins)
Viewing Note from CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network):
We encourage you to preview this video, as some sequences may be too intense for young children.  Please use this Family Discussion Guide to talk about Satan’s schemes and the power of God’s forgiveness.
Or as they say on TV, "the views and opinions in this program do not necessarily reflect those of...."
See reviews of the "New Superbook" DVD Series for more details on this series link)


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What's in the Bible? DVD #13:
God's Kingdom Comes! General Epistles & Revelation

The DVD has two 20 minute episodes. Episode 1 covers the General Epistles. In Episode 2: "Kids learn that the last book of the Bible – Revelation – paints an amazing picture of God’s Kingdom coming to life!  As a special feature, at the end of DVD 13, the whole cast of  What’s in the Bible? wraps up the WHOLE Bible – the story of God, and what He’s done for us."

I like this series a lot. I watched the whole video #13 and my kids would like it and learn a lot from it. As a Presbyterian minister, I was happy with the way this DVD stays away from apocalyptic “speculation” and scary-ness.  It does a good job of explaining many things in both the General Epistles and Revelation. I would use it for grades 3 -7. You can skip chapters if you want. -Neil


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