Review Game for names for the Holy Spirit - Verse Translations Relay

Day of Pentecost

Review Game


Acts 2:1-47

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Students will play games to enhance and review the lesson. 

Memory Verse: Acts 2:39:
“The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off…” 


Students will…

  • be able to find the Pentecostal event in Acts.
  • understand the definition of “pentecost”.
  • understand that this is the birth of the “church”.
  • be able to retell of the event in their own words.
  • learn different names and the work of the Holy Spirit.


  • Bible
  • Memory verse on poster board/White board
  • A list of eight Scripture Verses (divided 4/team)
  • Equal number of verses printed per team in three translations (I went to    
  • Envelopes to hold the verses


  • Pray
  • Study Bible Background for the Rotation
  • Read Scripture Text 
  • Read Notes (back of schedule) for Rotation
  • Print out an even number of verses in three different translations. Cut them out removing all references as to book, chapter, and verse. Place them in envelopes marked “Set A” and “Set B”. (Keep a master set of each printed sheet for yourself.)
  • Lay out supplies

Lesson Plan


Welcome students and introduce yourself and new visitors. Buddy up visitors with regular attendees.



We have been learning this month about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the third person of what we call the Trinity.  “Trinity” means “three” as in the three persons of the Holy Godhead: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

God the Father is God who told Moses that He was “I AM”. God the Son is whom? Jesus. And, God the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit that Jesus said God the Father would send us once Jesus went to heaven. 

We are going to play a game to help us learn some of the names of the Holy Spirit, which will help us understand the work of the Holy Spirit.  

Activity #1: Verse Translations Relay


  • I have some envelopes here with verses in different translations in them. 
  • Here is a list of the verses in the envelopes. 
  • You will have to look the verses up in the Bible, then find all three translations for that verse.
  • Once you find the translations, one student will run to the wall and tape them under the correct verse reference posted.
  • The first team to get all 4 verses/12 translations posted in the correct order wins.



After the game, take time to point out and discuss the different names used for the Holy Spirit. Write them on a white board or newsprint paper for the students to see.  

Clean Up:
Have the students help clean up. 

Journal Time:
Have students complete an activity or journal page or send it home if you run out of time.



  • Scripture taken from Bible Gateway, HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. © 1995-2009, The Zondervan Corporation. All rights reserved.                                                                       <> 


A lesson by Lisa Saliga, Life Community Church,
Shippensburg, PA, 

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Original Post

I have a few questions about Lisa's lesson to make it clearer for others.  I'm going to email her directly and then will remove this post once she clarifies a couple of things.


Update:  Lisa says she'll have time next week to tweak her lesson.  Thanks Lisa!



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