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This thread topic has been condensed to describe an Interpretative Movement Activity often described as GOD DOWELS (sticks).


www.saltandlightmin.org has several photos and resources describing it.



Dowel Rod Interpretive Movement 

From Howie Tiller Website:
utube presentation of Oh Holy Night
Dowel rods are wooden sticks 3 feet long and 1/2 inch in diameter (used by adults)  1 1/2 feet long by 1/2 " diameter (for children). If using both adults and children use the same length.  Usually painted flat white. They will not glow in the dark, so you need to sew a sleeve or slip for it if you want to do a song in blacklight.

"One Way Street"
One Way Street Link
They have 3 different DVD's you can buy that teach you movements to different songs all by Jeff Smith. They also have Fluorescent Dowel Rods you can buy if your doing it with Black Lights. I don't think it is at all necessary to have black light to do this type of creative movement.

If you have a video projector you could have the kids watch that and match the motions. Or you learn it and teach them. I'm assuming for an actual performance you'd have to purchase a CD with the song you plan to use. Looks like fun!

You can buy the dowel rods in any Hardware, Home Depot or Canadian Tire Store and paint them.

our church has done dowel movement performances! With huge success. Lots of info is on the website by Jeff Smith, see links to his site in above posts. rods

This is a great ministry resource. all you need is wooden dowels and the lyrics of any song and put actions to the words with facial expression and movement of two dowels. for example with two dowels to make the sign of the cross just make a cross ..... very simple for kids to do. They love this way of ministry so much we have created a team of kids to do this for an outreach program.


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