In this post below are links to simple web forms you can use or at least see as an "example" of how Workshop Sunday Schools create their schedules.  They are simple web 'forms' you can type your own information into, and then PRINT from your browser to capture your text.  You can also copy the forms with your mouse and paste them into a Word doc.

1) This is a nice one that's adaptable to many sizes/groups

2) This one has several options 

For both of the above Just edit the text and select "PRINT" from your browser's menu.

 Better yet, make your own workshop scheduling forms by creating a table in Word.  See below post to give you an idea of a rotation layout.

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Here's the copy of a typical rotation schedule that has been posted on our Homepage over the years.

Notice that the teacher stays put while the classes rotate. That's classic Rotation Model. This table also shows a church with only 3 rotating groups --and how one workshop per week is "open" (empty or available for use by teens or preschoolers if they want.)

And... if you want a fourth group, you just fill them into the 'open' slot. If you want a fifth week/workshop, you just add it to the list and adjust who fits where each week.

Prodigal Son
Teacher: Jane
Teacher: Amy
Teacher: Bill
Teacher: Jo
Week 1Grades K-1Grades 2-4Grades 5-6Open
Week 2OpenGrades K-1Grades 2-4Grades 5-6
Week 3Grades 5-6OpenGrades K-1Grades 2-4
Week 4Grades 2-4Grades 5-6OpenGrades K-1

About the Rotation Model

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