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Lesson Set

Scripture Reference:

Foreword + Judges 16: 4-30

Memory Verse:

James 1: 2-3
Count it all joy, my brothers, when you fall into various temptations, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. (World English Bible)

Workshops in this lesson set:

  • Games #1: Box Building Topple game
  • Games #2: Choices and Temptations: A “What Do You Do?” activity.
  • Art: Mosaic Tile Hearts
  • Drama Script: Enact a play called “Strong Like Many Elephants”
  • Video: Samson and Delilah – The Greatest Heroes of the Bible suggested video, no lesson provided.

    Journal Stickers suggestions:
    Weights – weight lifter – Lion – scissors – razor


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Samson & Delilah
“Topple the Temple” Game


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children will learn the story through a box building topple game.


Scripture Reference:

Judges 16:4-30

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Read over the game.
  • Gather the materials.
  • Prepare the boxes.
  • Prepare the trivia questions.

Supplies List:

  • 2 large boxes
  • Lots of smaller (shoe) boxes with the lids taped shut.
  • Magic Marker
  • Cards with trivia questions.
  • Blindfold.




Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.


Open with a prayer.


Dig-Main Content and Reflections:

Read: The story
Practice: The memory verse

Place 2 “foundations” (larger/solid boxes) on the floor 3-4 feet apart – less than the child’s arms length – Talk about how important a good foundation is.

  • Want it strong, stable (like our faith needs to be strong and stable)
  • “On Christ, the solid rock I stand”
  • On the solid rock of Peter, God will build the church

Have lots of boxes available (Shoe box and small boxes - with the lid taped shut)

  • Each box is numbered with a magic marker
  • One box with #1, another with #2, another with #3, etc.
  • However many trivia questions you have is how many boxes you need
  •  If you need more boxes than you have questions, there could be boxes that are blank. (Less boxes than questions, put # on 2 sides)
  • Place Christian sayings on the “other/blank sides” of the numbered boxes (see suggestions below)

Each trivia question is written on a recipe card with the question on one side and the number on the other side. These are placed on the table/floor (or wall with sticky tack or sticky clips.)

All the kids help “build” the temple where Samson was after he was captured. Encourage teamwork

  • Talk about how we need to build our faith strong. Samson was strong with God’s help. We need to ask God to help us be strong in our faith.
  • We need to help and encourage others as they build their faith (those people could be younger or older than us, or really old)

Stack the boxes into 2 pillars as high as they will go - don’t let it get so high they fall down all the time

Pick one child to be “Samson” (They will all get a turn)

Blindfold Samson (Because the Philistines gouged out his eyes) (we used a wide/elastic headband)

Have the child say, “O Lord, remember me. Strengthen me one more time.” (Have the verse printed on construction paper – lying on the floor in front of the pillars.

Let Samson push the pillars of boxes over and watch the “temple come crashing down” (Note: tell the kids ahead of time, no kicking the boxes, extra playing with the boxes, or there won’t be enough time for everyone to be Samson.

Now remove the blindfold and let that same child pick a box (Any box)

The box will have a number on it

That child will find the card with that number. (Or pick an extra credit question-could offer a Starburst or tootsie roll as extra credit prize)

The trivia question will be read (and answered by everyone)

  • Once the question has been answered, it will not be replaced on the wall and that box can not be chosen again (but still let them use it in their building)
  • Continue until everyone has had a turn being Samson. Then, stack the boxes to the side. Have the kids sit down and pick an unanswered question. Continue until all the questions are answered or you run out of time. (building/knocking down the tower takes time – in this way, you can answer more questions)


End with a prayer: Dear Lord, Thank you for helping us build our faith. Help us to build our love for You with a solid foundation. Let us always look to You. Samson was physically strong with Your help. Help us to be strong and resist temptation. In His name we pray, Amen.

Questions for “Topple the Temple” Game – Samson & Delilah

1. The people of Israel were slaves to what group of people in the Samson story? (Philistines)
2. God had a plan. Who did He send to begin the rescue of the Israelites from slavery from the Philistines? (Samson)
3. The wife of Manoah was unable to have children. Who told her she would have a son? (angel)
4. Our story about Samson and Delilah is in what book of the Bible? (Judges)
5. The angel told Manoah’s wife their baby would be a special servant of God from the time of his birth. What did the angel tell the wife of Manoah not to do after the baby was born? (Never cut his hair)
6. What happened when the lion attacked Samson? (God strengthened Samson and he killed the lion with his bare hands)
7. Why was Samson so strong? (God strengthened him and his hair was never cut)
8. How did Samson set fire to the Philistine’s fields? (Tied torches to the tails of foxes, they ran through the fields catching them on fire)
9. What was the name of the woman that tried to get Samson to tell the secret of his strength? (Delilah)
10. Why did Delilah want the Philistines to capture Samson? (The Philistine leaders would pay her 1,100 pieces of silver each)
11. Delilah begged Samson to tell her the secret of his strength. He told her 3 different lies why he was so strong. What was one of the lies he told her? (7 fresh, moist willow stems would make him weak – tied up with brand new ropes would make him weak – weave his hair into the loom would make him weak)
12. Delilah whined and nagged until Samson told her the truth of his strength. What was the reason for his strength? (God gave it to him – shaving his head would make him as weak as any man)
13. When Samson was weak and the Philistines had captured him, what did they do to him? (Gouged out his eyes/blind, bound him with bronze chains, made him grind grain in the prison)
14. After Samson was captured, the Philistines threw a party. The people demanded that he be brought out into the temple where they were celebrating. Why did they do this? (To make fun of him)
15. At the celebration, a weak Samson stood between the pillars of the temple. Before Samson pushed the pillars over and made the building collapse, what did he do? (Prayed to God, “O Lord, remember me. Strengthen me one more time.

“Extra credit” questions: (Could be substituted for a # question if the kids would rather)
. The people of Israel were slaves another time. Who did God send to rescue them then? (Moses)
. The wife of Manoah was barren. Who else in the Bible couldn’t have children, then God stepped in and they had a baby? (Abraham/Sarah)
. An angel told the wife of Manoah that she would have a baby. Who else in the Bible was told by an angel they would have a baby? (Abraham & Sarah/Isaac, Elizabeth/John the Baptist, Mary/Jesus)
. We have heard of the Philistines before. Who else fought with them? (David)
. God gave the gift of strength to Samson. Name one gift that God has given you.
. Samson was tempted and made some bad choices. He was human just like us. Name a time when you could have made a better choice. Remember God loves you always!
. The first 5 books of the Old Testament are called “The Pentatuch.” The next 5 books, including ‘Judges’ are called what? (The Prophets) (The rest of the Old Testament is called “The Writings.

Suggestions for ‘Christian sayings’ to write on the sides of the boxes (by Linda Norem/Carole Topp)

The Lord is my shepherd
Jesus Rocks!
I love Jesus
Jesus loves the little children
Christ is the light of the world
Jesus is my Rock
Jesus lives the little children
Lean on Jesus
Jesus loves me, this I know
Jesus saves!
God be with you till we meet again
Praise the Lord!
Let you light shine for Jesus
Faith can move a mountain
With Jesus by my side, I have nothing to fear
Oh, how I love Jesus
Jesus is the light of the world
Be still and know that God is God
The B.I.B.L.E, yes that’s the book for me
My God is an awesome God.
Jesus saves
God is here
Forgive us our sins
I have decided to follow Jesus
Here I am, Lord
He Lives!
The Lord is my shepherd
This is the day the Lord has made
Jesus, remember me
Honor you father and mother
Love one another
Lord, I want to be a Christian
Tell me the stories of Jesus
I am a child of God
God is awesome!

A lesson written by Rachel Haugland from: Elim Lutheran

Randall, IA


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Samson & Delilah

Art Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children will use mosaic tiles to create a shape.

Scripture Reference:
Judges 16: 4-30


Lesson Objectives:

  • God can take our brokenness and put it together in new ways to make something out of our lives.
  • Samson made mistakes in his life. We do, too. God can make us whole and good again.


Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:Mosaic Plastic Heart Mould

  • Plastic mosaic heart shaped molds (also used for making stepping stones)
  • Paper
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Mosaic Tile Cement
  • Bubble wrap
  • Bags




Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.


Open with a prayer.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:
Read: The Story
Practice: The memory verse

Create a heart trivet from pieces of tile:

  • God can take our brokenness and put it together in new ways to make something out of our lives.
  • Samson made mistakes in his life. We do, too. God can make us whole and good again.

Create a Trivet – Mosaic Tiles

  • Each child need a 5 inch plastic mosaic heart-shaped mold (Can be reused each week)
  • Arrange mosaic tiles on a scrap piece of paper the shape of the mold (Or have it traced)
  • Could be ‘rings’ of different colors, a sunburst, initials, name, WWJD, God, Love, rainbow – let the kids use their imagination.
  • Spread ‘mosaic tile cement’ in the mold to fill it half full (mix with water right before using – it will set in 1 hour)
  • Push mosaic tiles into the grout.
  • Allow to dry 1 hour, then gently remove to finish drying. (could send home the next day)
  • Send home the next week – wrap in bubble wrap & place in a Zip-lock baggie.

Discussion: (To be used while the kids are working or at the end)

  • Samson was a strong man. He could lift things we couldn’t dream of budging. He was so strong; every other man was scared of him. How did he get so strong? (Strengthened by God, gift from God)
  • Samson’s strength was a gift from God. Do you have any ‘gifts’? What are they? What are you good at? (Try to find something positive for each child – singing, reading, math, sports, caring for nature, quiet/restful soul, good listener, etc)
  • The gifts we have are precious. We should use those gifts to praise and serve God. How can you do that?
  • We are human. We make mistakes. Samson was human too. What were some of the mistakes he made? (Marry/divorce, killing – but it was in God’s plan, telling Delilah his secret about his hair, giving into temptation, etc)
  • Is it OK for us to criticize others about the choices they make? (No, God tells us not to pick out the spec of dust from our neighbor’s eye, when there is a log in our own. In other words, work on improving your own bad habits and make yourself pleasing to God.)
  • Think about some of the habits you have. How can you make them more pleasing to God? (Wanting to sleep in on Sun, cussing/swearing, lying, copying answers from a friend, etc)
  • Of all the bad habits we have, why do you think God still loves us? (Don’t know, but I’m glad he does! – We are children of God – We have committed our lives to Him, even if we are tempted and do wrong, He still loves us – He has unconditional love for us – He created us in His own image)
  •  How much does Jesus love you? (More than you can ever imagine - enough to die for you)



Close with a prayer:
Dear Lord, You know us inside and out. You know when we are tempted. Strengthen us to resist that temptation. Keep us strong. The gifts You give us are precious. Help us to use those gifts to give You praise and to serve You. In Christ’s name we pray, Amen.

A lesson written by Rachel Haugland from: Elim Lutheran Church

Randall, IA


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Images (1)
  • Mosaic Plastic Heart Mould
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Samson & Delilah

Drama Script

Props: chair/step, wig/long hair, wand, yarn/twine, sack of money, blindfold, 2 pillars, cell phone, halo, pillow, boxes as pillars

Characters: Narrator, people of Israel, Philistine, angel, wife of Manoah, Samson, Delilah, man/barber


Presentation Concept:   Assign 2 students to read the script with a teacher in dramatic fashion into a microphone while the 'actors' silently act out what is being said.  Encourage the reader to do strong voices and be very dramatic so as to encourage the actors.


After doing it once, switch to new readers and actors and you'll see that the kids get better at both reading and being dramatic.


For fun the second time, have girls do the male voices and characters, and boys do the female characters and voices (Delilah and Angel).



Narrator: The people of Israel fell into evil ways. This displeased the Lord and they were slaves to the Philistines for 40 years.

People (of Israel): We have made some really bad choices. God is not happy!

Philistines: (Standing on a chair/step) You will be our slaves and do our work.

Narrator: Then one day an angel appeared to the wife of Manoah (Man-o-ah).

Angel: You are barren and have no children. But - you will become pregnant and bear a son.

Wife (of Manoah): Me? I will have a baby?

Angel: Yes. You are not to drink alcohol or eat unclean foods. You are never to cut his hair.

Wife: Not cut his hair? Don’t you think it will get a little long - stringy - and gross?!

Angel: God said don’t cut it. He never said you couldn’t wash it!

Narrator: Samson was to be a special servant of God. He would begin to rescue Israel out of slavery. And it was just as the angel said. (Add Samson – on his knees) Manoah’s wife bore him a son and they named him Samson. He grew strong and tall. His hair grew and it was not cut. Samson had the strength to kill a lion and many men. And the Lord blessed him. (Have Samson ‘grow’/stand up, put on wig, the angel ‘bless’ him/tap him with a wand)

Samson: I am strong – like many elephants! (Flex your muscles)

Narrator: Later, Samson fell in love with a woman named Delilah. The leaders of the Philistines wanted to overpower Samson and capture him for he had been causing trouble.

Philistine: Hey, Delilah! Find out what makes Samson so strong. We will pay you ‘big bucks’! (Hold out a sack of money)

Narrator: So Delilah set out to find the answer to Samson’s strength.

Delilah: Samson, please tell me why you are so strong. (Bat your lashes at him)

Samson: If you tied me up with brand-new rope, I would be as weak as any man.

Narrator: So the Philistines hid in the next room (hide) and as Samson slept, (Drop to the floor and snore) he was tied up. (Tie him up) Delilah woke him up, but the ropes snapped like they were cotton thread. (Remove ropes)

Delilah: Hey! That didn’t work. You lied to me!

Narrator: Delilah continued to ask Samson where he got his strength. Two more times he lied, telling her 7 fresh willow stems or weaving his hair in a loom would make him weak. Each time Samson awoke, he easily broke free. His secret was safe. But Samson wasn’t counting on a nagging woman.

Delilah: Why won’t you tell me where you get your strength? Don’t you love me? You don’t trust me!?

Samson: Nag, nag, nag…is that all you can do?

Narrator: She nagged at him every day until he couldn’t stand it any longer. Finally, Samson gave in and told her his secret.

Samson: A razor has never touched my head. I have been a special servant of God from the time of my birth. If I were shaved, my strength would leave me. I would be weak like a kitten.

Narrator: Delilah called the Philistine leaders. (Take out a cell phone) They brought their money and hid. Delilah lulled Samson to sleep with his head on her lap. (Act out) A man came and shaved off his hair. (Remove wig) Samson’s strength went from him. (Tie his hands)

Delilah: Hey, sleepy-head, get up! The Philistines are here!

Narrator: Samson got up, but he could not shake himself free of the ropes like all the other times. He did not know that the Lord had left him. The Philistines captured him and gouged his eyes out. (Philistines place blindfold)

Samson: I can’t see! I can’t see! (Take him away)

Narrator: They bound him with chains and made him grind grain in the prison. The Philistines celebrated because of the capture of Samson. Then they brought him out to the temple to mock him. They stood him between 2 pillars. (Place pillars) By then, the place was completely filled with people. Samson placed his hands on the pillars and said,

Samson: O Lord God, remember me. Give me strength just this one last time.

Narrator: Then Samson pushed against the supports with all his might. (Push the pillars over-everyone fall to the ground) The temple crashed down upon him and the people – killing many.

A script written by Rachel Haugland from: Elim Lutheran Church

Randall, IA


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Samson and Delilah

Games #2 Workshop
Choices and Temptations

Summary of Lesson Activities:

A “What Do You Do?” activity.

Scripture Reference:

Judges 16:4-30

Supplies List:

  • picture of “strong arm”, picture of “kitten”
  • “strong arm” cards – at least one for everyone (these will be taken home at the end of the class)
  • two sets of cards with ‘choice/temptation’ written on them, shaped like big question marks. The situations are all different.
  • one set has the temptation and the choice made written on it
  • 4 or 5 cards to be used at the beginning of the “Stronger than Samson” or “Weak as a Kitten” activity.
  • the other set has ‘temptation’ only and the words “What do you do?” or “What would you do?”
  • two sets of colored index cards, each a different color. The cards have a word or phrase from the memory verse written on them. Each color, when put together, will have the entire memory verse.
  • chairs or pillows – one for each child
  • CD player and Christian CD
  • memory verse written or displayed somewhere in the room

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.
  • Prepare the cards
  • Put the pictures of the “strong arm” and the “kitten” on the wall.
  • Put the questions written on the backs of the large question marks (the set without the choice given) on the wall (preferably a different wall), put a bunch of “strong arm” pictures up on the wall.
  • “Hide” the colored cards.
  • As a closing activity, the students will be on a “hunt” to find all of the cards of the same color. They should be hidden in rooms/areas that will not be in use at the end of the Sunday School hour, preferably all downstairs. We don’t want them running through the church as people are arriving for worship.


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Open with a prayer.

Begin Temple with a memory verse warm up game. Play “Memory Chair”.

This is played like musical chairs, except that one chair is placed in the middle of the circle of chairs.

  • Play the music.
  • When the music stops, everyone finds a chair.
  • The one person who doesn’t have a chair sits in the middle and says the memory verse. They may look at the words if they need, especially the first player or two.
  • Play continues until everyone has been in the middle.
  • If a player is in the middle for a second time, he/she chooses someone who hasn’t had a turn, so that everyone gets a turn, but just one turn each.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Opening discussion: Review some of the basic ideas in the story of Samson.

  • Samson was a special servant of God and would begin to rescue Israel out of slavery.
  • Samson had tremendous strength given to him by God.
  • Samson was very strong and a leader but did not always make wise choices.
  • Sampson was tempted and fell to temptation. Who else fell to temptation? (Adam and Eve, Jonah, Zacchaeus, Cain/Abel, Prodigal Son, Peter’s Denial, Sodom/Gomorrah)
  • Samson was physically strong but not spiritually strong enough to ward off the evil of temptation
  • Our strength is not our own, but a gift from God. We need to use God’s gifts wisely.
  • How hard it is do choose the right thing to do?

Play “Stronger than Samson” or “Weak as a Kitten”.

  • Use one set of choice/temptation cards to work with kids.
  • Read the card and as a group decide whether the choice that was made was “Stronger than Samson” (because Samson wasn’t able to make wise choices, the kind of choices God would like), or “Weak as a Kitten” (the kind of choices Samson did make, which choices God would not like).
  • Put the card up under the appropriate picture. After 4 or 5 of these group decisions, the kids then make individual choices.
  •  Each one chooses a question card from the wall. They are then asked on the card, “What do you do?” or “What would you do?”
  •  After they say what they would do, the group decides if the decision was a good one and “stronger than Samson”.
  •  If it was, the child then chooses a “strong arm” card to take with them to remind them that they made a wise choice.
  • Continue until everyone has had a turn.
  •  If both answers are right or acceptable in a situation, discuss which would be the stronger choice of the two and why. Maybe they are both strong – if the kids can support their choice with integrity, it is a strong choice.

***We will probably want to have different choices/temptations for the 1st/2nd grade than we do for the 7th/8th grade. Some choices/temptations will be appropriate for both, but some need to be age specific. Use different colors for the questions. Blue – everyone, Red – younger kids, Yellow – older kids.

Closing memory verse activity.

  • If there is time, kids participate in another memory verse activity.
  •  Use the colored cards that were hidden earlier.
  •  Divide the class into 2 teams. Tell them how many cards they are looking for.
  •  When they have found all of the cards in the color they are searching for, they come back to the Temple room, put the cards in order and read the memory verse.


End with a prayer.

These are the situations used at the beginning of class time with the “strong arm” and “kitten”.

They are used to discuss strong choices – those that please God, and weak choices – those that do not please God.

They are glued onto the back of question marks (I used orange to separate them from the other class activity questions), then read aloud.

As a class, the kids decide if they are strong or weak and they are put up on the wall under the “strong arm” or the “kitten”.

You have come to a meeting at church with
your dad. So have a couple of your friends.
While the meeting is going on the friends say,
“Let’s go down to the drama room and put on
the costumes.” You say, “We aren’t supposed
to do that. We are supposed to leave that
stuff alone when we aren’t in Sunday School.”

Your mom told you that you could not go
to the movie today because you didn’t have
your chores or homework done. So, you
decided to ask Dad. He said you could go.

You went to the mall with your friends and
bought a few things in one of the stores
there. When the cashier told you the amount
it wasn’t as much as you thought it would be.
When you looked at the receipt, she had
forgotten to charge you for one item. You
decide, “This is my lucky day. I just got that
for free!”

You went to the mall with your friends and
bought a few things in one of the stores
there. When the cashier told you the amount
it wasn’t as much as you thought it would be.
When you looked at the receipt, she had
forgotten to charge you for one item. You
decide, “I need to go tell her and pay for
the thing she forgot.”

You are walking home from school and see
some kids teasing a dog that is tied up in
its yard. They are throwing sticks and rocks,
and getting it to chase them until it gets to
the end of its chain and chokes itself. They
are doing this over and over. You walk to
the other side of the street and don’t say

A whole group of friends is going to an Iowa
State game. Your best friend calls and says
he has broken his leg and can’t go to the game.
You decide to go to his house, keep him
company, and just watch the game on TV.

"What do you do?" Situations

Your parents tell you not to turn your music
on while you are doing homework. Your
friend calls and wants you to listen to a
song playing on the radio. When you tell
him you aren’t supposed to listen to music
he says, “Use your headphones and your
parents won’t ever know.” What do you do?

A song comes on the radio that has lyrics
that use bad language. You are all by
yourself. What do you do?

You go to a friend’s house where
teenagers are drinking beer. The
parents are home and think it is OK
for teenagers to drink beer once in
a while. What do you do?

You forgot to do your homework and
if you don’t turn it in you’ll get a zero for
the assignment. If you get a zero on the
assignment you won’t be able to do to
the dance Friday night. Your best friend
says, “Here. Mine is done. Just write
them down.” What do you do?

All of your friends are invited to a birthday
party, except your best friend. Your
friend finds out about the party and knows
he/she is the only one not invited. What do
you do?

There is a big bowl of M&Ms on the counter.
Your mom told you not to eat any of them.
No one else is home right now. What do you

The computer is supposed to be off until
homework is done. When you get home from
school, no one else is there and the last
thing your friend said to you is, “Get on MSN
when you get home, OK?” What do you do?

You have a choice between going on a skiing
trip with all of your friends or going to your
Grandpa’s 70th birthday party. What do you do?

You have been grounded from using the phone.
No one is home but you and the phone rings.
It is the girl/guy you have a crush on and they
just called to chat. What do you do?

Your friend has her school permit, which allows
her to drive straight to school and straight home.
You have to walk half a mile out of your way to
someone’s house. Your friend calls, “Get in, I’ll
take you across town!” What do you do?

Your parents have expressed concern over the way
some of the teenagers drive in town. Luke pulls
up, opens the door and says, “Jump in, let’s go
get ice cream.” Luke is older and pretty cute.
But he is one of the drivers your mom has expressed
concern over. What do you do?

Everyone that went to basketball camp got
a cool basketball with the team logo on it.
Yours has been missing for several weeks.
You see a basketball just like yours laying
around, except it has an “X” on it. You would
like to take it and mark over the “X” with your
name. What do you do?

Your mom always makes you change the
TV channel when “The Simpsons” come on
because of the bad language and bad
attitude. Mom is working late tonight. “The
Simpsons” come on TV. What do you do?

You get to bed on time and ask if you can
read the last 2 chapters of your book. Dad says
no. After he leaves you realize you have a
flashlight and that if you read under the covers
nobody will know. What do you do?

You just got asked to play on two soccer teams.
The one with most of your friends isn’t as talented
as the other team. Which one do you choose?

You play the trumpet and are in the band at school
Some lady from church asks you to play a song
to the “old folks” at the nursing home where they
are having a program. It will be Saturday morning
(when you like to sleep in or watch TV). What do
you do?

*The program is at 2:00 p.m. Thursday which means
you get out of school early. What do you do?

Basketball practice is Wednesday night from
5:30-7:00 p.m. Youth Group at church is at
6:00 p.m. Which will you choose?

Your aunt gave you and your sister each a pack
of gum. Your shared yours with your friends and
yours is gone. Your sister’s pack of gum is sitting
open on the counter only half gone. If you snuck
a piece she would never miss it. What do you do?

You are invited to a friend’s house – someone you
know from church. While you are there you hear
an argument between your friend and his older
brother. It ends with “You don’t know anything!
Just shut up!” You go home. Later, you have a
disagreement with your brother. You’d like to say,
”Just shut up! You don’t know anything!” What
do you do?

You are shopping with your mom and see a new
toy you want. You ask mom if you can have it
and she says no. What do you do?

Your mom told you that you could not wear your
favorite shirt to school today because you have
already worn it this week. You love that shirt and
the teacher said everyone should wear their
favorite shirt today. What do you do?

Your mom told you and your sister/brother to
buckle your seatbelt. Your buckled yours, but
your sister/brother didn’t buckle theirs. They
look at you and say “Shhh”. What do you do?

You know you are not supposed to throw a
ball in the house, but you were doing it anyway.
Now you have broken a picture frame sitting
on the table. What do you do?

You are staying overnight with a friend and you
know you are not supposed to watch scary
movies. Your friend wants to watch one and
says, “It’s not that scary. Besides your mom will
never know.” What do you do?

You have been told that you are not supposed
to run around in the church. But, every Sunday
your friends want to play tag and ask you to
play. What do you do?

A lesson written by Linda Norem.

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