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Science and Storytelling Lessons and Ideas for Teaching Abraham and Sarah in Sunday School

Post your Sunday School science and storytelling lessons and ideas for Abraham and Sarah here. 

Abraham and Sarah,  Call of Abram, Covenant, Sarah's visit with the Angels, Isaac

Bible lessons and ideas about Abraham and Sarah -with science experiments, demonstrations, object lessons, magic tricks, presentations, etc.

You are welcome to post your Sunday School lesson plan for Abraham and Sarah. Click "reply" at the end of this thread.

Please include a list of all science materials, safety, and presentation notes.

Please include a script for storytellers, including creative presentation notes, and be sure you have the author's permission to post the script.

Please use some formatting to make it readable, such as "BOLD" and Titles in ALL CAPS.

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Abraham and Sarah

Storytelling Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children hear the story from the voice of Abraham.


Scripture Reference:

Genesis 12:1-5, Genesis 17:1-8, 15-27,  Genesis 18:1-15, 21:1-7


Lesson Objective(s):
In this workshop, the learners will hear Abraham’s story of his and Sarah’s journey of faith and take part with them in their travels from place to place in the story.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Blankets
  • sheets
  • household items.



Opening- Welcome and introductions:
Greet the children and introduce yourself. Remember that you are interacting with a different group of students each week—some may not know you. Wear your nametag and make sure that the children are wearing theirs.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Lesson Plan:

1. The Call of Abram—Genesis 12:1-5
The children will listen to Abram tell this part of his story. After the story, they will be instructed to pack up and move to the next location. Upon arriving at the new location, help them unpack and place their items around the new location.

2. God’s Covenant with Abram and Sarai—Genesis 15, 17:1-8, 15-27
The children will listen to Abram tell this part of the story. Afterwards, they will be instructed to pack up again and move to the next location (This final location should be near some trees). Upon arriving, help them again unpack and place their items around this new location.

3. The Three Visitors—Genesis 18:1-15, 21:1-7
The children will listen to Abraham tell this final part of the story.

After the final story from Abraham, help the children pack up all the belongings and return to the Oasis. When you arrive there, unpack and replace any belongings from the Oasis.

Journal Time:
Help the shepherd pass out the journals. Ask them to answer the following questions:
 Think of a promise you have made to someone. What was it? Did you keep your promise?
 What promises did God make to Abraham and Sarah? Did God keep those promises?

Say a prayer of your own to close the workshop, or use the following:
Faithful God, you have promised to love us and be our God. We thank you for your faith in us and for keeping your promises. Help us keep our faith in you strong so we can keep our promises, too. Amen.

Have the children help you tidy up the workshop space. Dismiss them with instructions about where they are to go.

Adjustments for younger/older children:
Encourage older children to help the younger children carry items, as they would as family members helping each other, but make sure everyone has something to carry.


A lesson written by Jan Marshall from: Brookhaven Church  


A representative of reformatted this post to improve readability.

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Abraham and Sarah

Storytelling Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses a storytelling script.

Scripture Reference:

Genesis 12:1-9, 13:1-18, 16:1-4, 17:1-8and 15-21, 18:1-16

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • trail mix in zip lock baggies
  • crackers
  • water bottles, filled with water
  • beef jerky
  • Props:
    costumes for Abram, Lot, Sarah, Angel, stones, wood and red/orange crepe paper for fire, dirt by the tree, bucket of sand, several backpacks, sleeping bags, pillows, small pop-up tent
  • Question Props: star map (simply use a star book from your local library), coffee filter and some sand from above bucket and a magnifying glass.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Tell the children that we are part of Abraham and Sarah’s family and we will be traveling around to different parts of the country of Canaan. We will need to pack and unpack our supplies as we go.

Pack up the supplies from the temple room and travel to the first stop – Canaan. Unpack and set up your “fire” at each stop.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

STOP #1. Read: Genesis 12: 1-9 (Or use Abram as a storyteller – it’s best if the storyteller can tell the story in his own words instead of reading it)

Hello. Welcome to my home. Gather round and have a snack. (Hand out trail mix) “My name is Abram. My father just passed away. His name was Terah and our family comes from Noah – a God fearing man, you remember him, don’t you? One day God said to me, “Go - leave your country, leave your kinfolk, leave your home – and walk until I tell you to stop.”

Have you ever had God talk to you? Well, let me tell you, it’s something else. I felt so special that God would single me out and give me directions.

Then, He told me that if I followed His command, he would make me a great nation. A great nation? What does that mean? How can I make a nation of people? I don’t have any kids? You’ve got to have people to make your nation, don’t you? No kids. Count them - zilch, nada, none!

God said He would bless me. Me. Why me? God knows I love the Lord, but this is such an honor. He also said He would bless anyone who was kind to me, and curse anyone who was unkind to me. So, you better be nice to me!

So I did what God wanted. I left my nice comfy home and started walking. I took my nephew, Lot, with me. And of course, my wife Sarah. You know I’m not a spring chicken anymore. I’m 75 years old. Kind of old to be hoofin’ it around the countryside. We also brought along all of our possessions – our cattle and our slaves. God had blessed us with great wealth, you know.

We traveled, just like God told us, through the country of Canaan to a place called Shechem. There we set up our tents by a big oak tree.

God appeared to me and told me He was going to give all this land to my children. Now, I know, you’re thinking, “What children?”

But, I believed Him. I mean, what could I say? He is God, you know. So I’m building an altar to the Lord to remember this special visit. Would you help me? (Have kids help pile the stones and wood together)

I know you need to continue on your journey. I’m told I need to continue walking to a place between Bethel and Ai, and then on to Negeb. The Lord isn’t finished with us yet! (Pack up and move to stop #2)

STOP #2. Read: Genesis 13: 1-18 (Or use Lot as a storyteller)

Hello! My name is Lot. Come, join me and sit a while. (Pass out crackers) Abram is my uncle - such a nice man. Did you know we left a nice, cozy home to travel the countryside? God said to do it, so we did. We trust the Lord.

There was a famine in the land, so we had to go to Egypt to live for a while. There we could find enough food to keep us nourished. Later, we traveled North to Negeb and to Bethel. We had been there before. That was where Abram had built the altar. Do you remember that?

Both Abram and I were rich men. We had lots of herds and flocks. There were so many cattle and sheep there wasn’t enough food or pasture for the animals. Pretty soon my men started fighting with Abram’s men. (Growl and put up hands like you’re going to start boxing.)

Now, Abram’s a pretty smart man. He took me aside and we talked. He said family shouldn’t fight. You don’t ever fight with your brothers or sisters do you? I didn’t think so.

Abram told me we were too big and had too many animals to live altogether. I should choose which place I wanted to live. So I looked to the West – and didn’t see anything special. But when I looked to the East it was like the Garden of Eden. It was well watered and beautiful. Now, I’m no dummy – so I chose the water and the garden.

Abram and I parted company. I settled by the city of Sodom – which turned out to be a very wicked city – and a bad deal for me. There was a war and I was captured. Abram came and rescued me. But that’s another story!

After I left, God spoke to Abram again. He said, “Look as far as you can see in every direction. All this land is for you and your children. Now, you know Abram’s got to be saying, “What children?”

And God said, “Your descendants will be so plentiful you can’t even count them – just like the dust on the earth!” (Sift dirt between your fingers – then get the kids to sift/look at the dirt) Just try to count the dust specs! It’s almost impossible! Wow! That’s how many cousins I’m going to have! Oh, look at the time. I know you can’t stay any longer, but thanks for visiting. (Pack up and move to stop #3)

STOP #3. Read: Genesis 16: 1-4; 17: 1-8 and 15-21 (Or use Sarai as the storyteller)

Good morning, my friends. Make yourselves comfortable. I bet you haven’t had a drink yet. Sometimes the men don’t always think of these things. Did they feed you at your other stops? Good, good. (Pass out drinks) My name is Sarai and Abram is my husband – such a good man. We both believe in God the Father. Everyone in our home serves the Lord.

Did you know God choose Abram and made a promise to him? Oh, of course you do. You visited Abram first. What was that promise again? (Abram would be father to many nations and have tons of descendents)

Well, I was getting kind of old – and I guess I had trouble believing that any children were going to be born to Abram and myself. I knew Abram wanted kids, but I wasn’t able to give him any.

So, I gave my maid from Egypt to Abram as a second wife. Her name was Hagar. She gave him a son named Ishmael. Later, there was trouble between us – between me and Hagar and Ishmael, so they left town. God promised that Ishmael would be blessed and form his own nation – that’s where the Muslims come from.

Did you know that God changed our names? I’m not sure why. Our parents gave us those names, but God wanted to change them. And you don’t really argue with God, now do you?

He changed my name to “Sarah” – that means ‘Princess’.

“Abram” meant ‘Exalted Father”. But God changed his name to “Abraham” which means ‘Father of Nations’. God said that there would be millions of descendants to form different nations. We would have Kings in amongst us and we would have this land of Canaan. That was God’s promise to Abraham and to our children. I know, you’re thinking, ‘What children?’ Me, too.

Again God said, I, Sarah would give Abraham a son. Abraham threw himself down on the ground to worship the Lord - but inside he was laughing! Can you imagine laughing at God? But, I wanted to chuckle, too. After all, I was 90 years old and Abraham was 100. Can you believe it?

God said Abram’s son would come from me. Me! Wow! That’s pretty incredible! We were to name him Isaac – because it means ‘laughter’.

I can’t believe the time. You’ll have to move on. I know there’s one more stop on your journey. I know what it’s like to move from place to place – always packing and unpacking. Can be a real pain. That’s what Abraham and I did. (Pack up and move to stop #4)

STOP #4Read: Genesis 18: 1-16 (Or use An Angel as the storyteller)

(Set up a pup tent by a tree, if possible)

Welcome. I am one of God’s angels. Sit down and we can have some refreshments. (Pass out beef jerky)

I represented the Lord in the form of an angel. Actually there were 3 angels that appeared to Abraham. He was sitting by his tent one hot summer day, when he saw us walking towards him. He was so kind. He asked us to stop and rest by his shade.

Abraham turned to Sarah and asked her to ‘hurry’ and make some cakes on the hearth. “Hurry”, he said. Sarah had to build a fire, knead the bread by hand, and bake it. I don’t think there was much “hurry” to it. Not like there was a box mix and a microwave back then!

But Abraham continued to make us feel special. He served us cheese, milk, beef, and the cakes. That was quite a feast for out in the desert.

Then, us angels wanted to know where Sarah was. She was staying by the tent. We told Abraham that next year he and Sarah would have a son. I know, you’re thinking, “a son, what son?”

Now, Sarah laughed to herself - for she was more the age of a grandmother than a mother. I confronted her about her laughter. She quickly denied it – she was afraid.

I reassured them both – and reminded them that nothing was too hard for God. Everything is possible with the Lord –even giving birth at the age of 90 years old. God would indeed give them a son and he would be named Isaac. What does Isaac mean? (Laughter)

And sure enough, Isaac was born. Abraham’s family grew and grew and grew. A great nation was formed. And Abraham’s descendents became too many to count. Just like the dust of the earth, or the stars in the sky, or the grains of sand on the beach. (Sift sand through your fingers)

Isn’t God awesome? We’re so lucky to have him watching over us.

Now, I know you need to be moving on. Your teacher probably wants to get back to your classroom. Take care – and remember, God loves you! (Pack up and return to your classroom)

Discussion questions:

Depending on time– back in the temple room: (Whether you read from the bible or use the storytellers – and how much stuff you have to pack and unpack)

· The promise: I will multiply your descendants into countless millions, like the stars of the sky and the sand on the seashore.
o Study the star map

  • Can you count how many stars?
  • Does the map show all the stars?
  • Study the world map – find all the coastlines
  • Put a small amount of sand on a coffee filter. Look at it with a magnifying glass.
  • Can you count every grain of sand?
  • How much harder would it be to count all the sand, everywhere?
  • Think of a promise you have made to someone. What was it? Did you keep your promise?
  • What promises did God make to Abraham and Sarah? (That they would have a son. That they would have lots of descendants) Did God keep those promises? 
  • Why did Sarah and Abraham laugh when they were told they would have a son? (They were old – Sarah was a grandmother’s age, too old to have kids)
  • How hard is it to be patient? Have you ever had to wait for something? 
  • Did God fulfill the promise right away, or did it take a while? (Took quite a while to give Abraham a son with Sarah – patience!)
  • Do we always understand what God has in mind for us? (Sometimes we never understand why things happen – but God is always in control and He knows what’s best – even if we don’t agree)


End with a prayer.

Discussion Questions from – God’s Covenant with Abraham-Science Workshop; Abraham & Sarah – from Brookhaven Church; and Rachel Haugland

A lesson written by Rachel Haugland from: Brookhaven Church

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Hi Jill

I see when Rachel posted her lesson she didn't include the question props in her supplies list. I've added them to her supply list. 

For the star map I'd just get any book on stars from your local library and show the kids a page from the book or you may have someone in your congregation whose interested in astronomy and would have a book they'd be willing to loan you.

Update: Check out these Starry ideas over here.

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Hi, @Jill Simpson!

The lesson plan above suggests you use a library book on stars. There will be a variety of choices in the adult as well as children's sections that will provide charts with countless stars. 

Or you could order a star chart online. Google (or your favorite search engine) will help you find lots of choices for star chart poster that you could hang on the wall for this rotation, creation, Psalm 8, and maybe a few others!.  

"Matters of Faith " Science (Demonstration) Workshop

View and print the attached PDF of the lesson


Genesis 12:1-2 “The Lord had said to Abram, ‘Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you. I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others.’

Hebrews 11:8 “It was by faith that Abraham obeyed when God called him to leave home and go to another land that God would give him as his inheritance. He went without knowing where he was going.

Focus: Abraham's faith, response to God's Call. What is faith?

Activities: This lesson has three "science experiment" object lessons that demonstrate different aspects of "what is faith."    (1) Egg into the bottle. "(2) Blind walk. (3) Hole in your hand" illusion.

Additional Suggestions:  The third "hole in the hand" demonstration could be misconstrued by children as "faith is seeing things that aren't there." A different demonstration would be to reuse the blindfold and challenge kids to  draw a line through a maze of "life" and decisions (be good, avoid evil, help others, love God, etc.) First draw a simple maze on the whiteboard with these "places" or objectives to visit on your way to eternal life, then invite students to study it, and one by one try and draw a line through the maze with a blindfold on. (Use different colors for different students.) FAITH allows us to live our life the way God wants us to live it.

Possible Questions to Ask:
How did Abraham get his "god sight?"  Did God give it to him? Did Abraham have a choice to use it or reject it?  Did it always work? (was Abraham perfect from there on in?) What can you do when you feel like you're losing your FAITH SITE?

You are welcome to use it in part or entirely. In addition to printing the PDF, you can copy the text from the PDF by dragging it with your mouse and copying/pasting into your own document. You can quickly save the PDF to your computer, then upload the PDF to and convert it to a Word doc for easy editing in Word.

Become a supporting member of today 


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