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This forum is for posting Science, Object Lesson or Demonstration Workshop lesson plans and ideas pertaining to Mary & Martha.  Luke 10:38-42

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We're introducing WoRM to our congregation in a couple of weeks, so I cant offer any lesson plans or info just yet, but as soon as we get going I will hopefully be able to contribute some more.

In the past I did an object lesson on Mary and Martha with the emphasis being "too busy for Jesus".

It is really simple, but very effective.

Mary and Martha

Too Busy for Jesus Object Demonstration

Supplies List:

  • large empty chutney or mayonnaise bottle and lid
  • a packet of popcorn kernels
  • a ball (which must be able to pass through the neck of the bottle)
  • a jug from which to pour the popcorn kernels

To Do:

  1. Say, “the empty bottle represents our lives and the popcorn kernels in the jug represent all the fun things we enjoy doing.  The ball represents our loving God.
  2. Ask the children to name some of the things they enjoy doing. As they call out these (eg, soccer, playing play station, reading, listening to music....) pour small amounts of kernels into the empty bottle for each suggestion.
  3. Once all the kernels are in the bottle, say, “usually what we do is we have so much time for all the "fun" things in life and then we try and squeeze Jesus in after we've done all of these”
  4. Proceed to try place the ball in the bottle and to close the lid - it wont close.
  5. Make a suggestion to the children that we try it another way.
  6. Empty the kernels back into the jar and then start all over again, this time, place the ball in first and then proceed to add all the "fun" activities

    IMPORTANT NOTE:   you should measure out the amount of kernels needed to fill the bottle with the ball inside beforehand)

  7. Amazingly, this time the bottle will close, which shows that if we put Jesus first and make time for Him firstly, we will have time to fit all the other things into our lives.

It is really simple, and the children loved it so much, I was asked to present the lesson to the congregation, who were equally excited by it.

Hope this offers some help for someone!

God Bless,

A lesson written by Chanel from: St. Martin's Presbyterian Church
South Africa

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