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Introducing, the newest
creative Sunday School lesson set
from the Writing Team!

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Why 7 lessons?

The Story of Ruth certainly deserves 7 great lessons, plus, there's so much in her story that, while each lesson covers the whole story, each lesson also emphasizes different aspects of it. And we at also believe in exploring MANY ways of teaching and learning a story in order to make learning in Sunday School both attractive AND memorable. Learn more about the Rotation Model.

Rotation Model Sunday Schools have 7 great broadly-graded lessons to build their 4 or 5 week "rotation" with. No two lessons are alike, other than the story they cover. In fact, we've never written a lesson set with so many DIFFERENT ways of learning --- from magnets to foods, a Bible app, a printmaking art project, a journey from Moab to Bethlehem, a scene from a popular Marvel movie, and even a Drama Workshop themed as "Ruth's Instagram Page."

We recommend traditionally organized Sunday Schools (who usually teach a new story each week), take two weeks or more to cover this important story in a way that does it justice and serves it vividly into memory.

How much does it cost?

It's FREE to the Supporting Members of  Join now!

Everyone can read the lesson summaries.

Who wrote it?

8 volunteer writers working with our Lead Writer created this set:

  • Meghan Adrian, Director of Children's Ministry outside of Vancouver

  • Joe Bruce, Retired Presbyterian Children's Educator from Spokane

  • Samantha Corcoran, Sunday School teacher and professional educator from Wichita

  • Ian Grimm, Pastor of an Evangelical church  in Oklahoma

  • Dena Kitchens, Retired Children's Educator and lesson publisher from Atlanta

  • Luanne Payne, Children's Ministry Coordinator in Ontario and Board member

  • Amy Crane,, Sunday School teacher from Louisiana, and President of

  • Robin Stewart, United Methodist Christian Educator and Board member from Georgia

  • Neil MacQueen, our Lead Writer is a PCUSA minister in Ohio specializing in Children's Ed and Technology

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