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What did shepherds eat?

Our church is getting ready to start with rotation bible school next fall and we are trying to get some lessons written up. Does anyone know what shepherds ate while they were tending their flocks, or where I can find them? We are writing a lesson for advent and were going to include that in the cooking lesson, but I can't seem to find that info anywhere. Thanks for any help!

Adding: How would a shepherd have cared for an injured sheep?

I was inspired by the lessons on 23rd Psalm I found here. I'd like to include how a shepherd would have cared for an injured sheep... what kind of ointment, etc. I've searched google and ask jeeves under ancient veterinary practices, ancient rome, hebrew shepherds, ancient medicines, bible medicines... no luck so far. I think aloe vera was probably used, but I'd like more info. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!


This is just what you are looking for. It uses Psalm 23 to provide the topics as it explains ancient shepherd practises - care, feeding, finding, tending, etc. It is very interesting and insightful to learn what a faithful shepherd will do to care for beloved sheep.

Keller, Phillip, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, Zondervan Publishing

You can get it a or

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Shepherd's Food

shepherds carried a littel leather pouch on a belt with their food. They ate bread, maybe some cheese and some fruit (figs, grapes, etc.) they would drink water from the streams as did the sheep.

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Get a copy of the book: Lamps, Scrolls & Goatskin Bottles - a Handbook of Bible Customs for Kids by Julia B. Hans, published by Standard Press, 2000. It has a wealth of cultural information. Also the Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast - cookbook with great notes and ideas.

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