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I don't know how to make a staff, but you can purchase them fairly inexpensively. This is an item you will use over and over again, and they last forever. You can purchase them from places that sell sheep supplies. Try this website:
in search type in Crook
I hope this helps.

Exchange volunteer update:
I did a search and found Shepherds' crooks at Pipestone Sheep Supplies Catalog

Try a internet search of Shepherd crook and you will find many more, some prettier than others.

Amy Crane Smile
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We're doing a Passover reenactment with all our age groups in 2 weeks and I too was trying to figure how to find a cheap and tall staff for Moses. Today we went to Home Depot to get some plastic PVC pipe for a curtain rod on our puppet stage and the piece that was left over was about 6 ft. long. My husband held it up and said, "There's your staff for Moses ... just paint it brown!" I just might give it a try!
I got this idea from a little old man an our farmer's market, he sells homemade canes that he cuts from fallen limbs. I needed a story telling stick for my summer program so I sent my husband into the woods by our house. He found a newly fallen tree, also good to go to housing constructions sites that are felling trees and cut a 7 foot length from a limb. He then stripped off the bark with his pocket knife, we are letting it dry in the garage and then we will varnish it. Very realistic looking. When we got it home he cut off the top and the bottom to even it out. Looks great, I am going to paint bible stories on it for my story telling staff.

We have about 6 shepherd staffs that we have used for many years in our Christmas Pageant and now are in our Drama workshop. They are made from closet rods (wooden) with the crook part cut out of about 3/4 " plywood. Both are stained brown. A slit is sawed into one end of the closet rod and then the crook part is placed into the slit and held in place by a screw or bolt.
We used limbs from a newly cut tree and while they were stil "wet" we bent the crook and wrapped wire around the end and the staff. When they dried we removed the wire and we have had them for years.
Actually soe of them still have the wire intact and they are fine, too.
At christmas time they always have the large plastic candy canes. Some are extra large and filled with candies. They make a very inexpensive shepherd's crook. To make them look wooden wrap with brown duct tape.
In regards to the Shepherd's Staff, I took the candy canes that you put in your yard cut off the bottom just enough to make an opening and then added cut off broom handles and painted. You can make them as tall as you need them. They have held up pretty good.

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