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Faith Speaks! Gr K-4, By: James C. Sewell, Carson-dellosa Publishing, 2004, ISBN: 0887242278.
Description: The verses and mini-lessons encourage students to pray, believe, and skillfully wield the sword of the Spirit by speaking God's Word in faith. Children will learn to activate their faith by speaking faith-filled words over their lives, their circumstances, and the world! This book can be used to enhance any Sunday School or Vacation Bible School lesson, or any time that one desires to enrich the mind and heart with the power of the Living Word!

Group's Singable Songs for Children's Ministry, By: Group Publishing Inc, 1996, ISBN: 1559454644.
Description: Song leading's a snap - with Group's Singable Songs for Children's Ministry! Here are complete piano accompaniment and guitar chords for the 62 most-requested children's sing-a-long songs! Discover sign language instructions for some songs, fun motions for many songs and song stretching activities for all songs!

Hymns for Signing: American Sign Language
By: United Methodist Congress, Abingdon Press, 2001, ISBN: 0687431808.
Description: Hymns for Signing was developed to provide persons with hearing impairments access to hymns as they are sung. This text-only edition is primarily for signers to use in worship and other church settings. It will also be helpful to those who have impaired hearing for use with their families or in other areas. Contains more than 600 hymns translated into American Sign Language; features an easy-to-use, easy-to-read format; contains an excellent collection of traditional and gospel hymns; allows persons with hearing impairments to participate in worship; serves an important ministry function. 480 pages spiral bound.

Jesus Loves Me! Scriptures and Songs in Sign Language Gr K-4 , By: James Sewell, Carson-dellosa Publishing, ISBN 0887248748.
Description: Sign language is an enjoyable and meaningful way to hide God's Word in little hearts! As children learn to sign the verses in this book, they will gain fresh insight into each Scripture. Their faith will be built with the assurance of the greatest new of all--Jesus loves me! This book can be used to enhance and Sunday School lesson, Vacation Bible School song time, or any time that one desires to enrich his heart and mind with the beauty of the Living Word! K-Grade 4

Religious Signing: A Comprehensive Guide for All Faiths, By: Elaine Costello, Lois A. Lehman, Random House, 1986, ISBN: 0553342444
Description: This comprehensive guide contains all the vocabulary and information you need to communicate effectively in any religious setting. From Alleluia to Zizith, more than 500 signs and their specific meanings. Large, clear, upper-torso illustrations that show the corresponding movements of hands, body, and face. Easy-to-follow instructions to help you master the art of expressing signs. A special section on signing favorite verses, prayers, and blessings. A complete index for quick access to any sign.

Sign and Say Bible Verses, by Daphna Flegal, Abingdon, Abingdon Press, 1999, ISBN: 0687074428.
Description: Believe it or not, this single amazing resource helps your kids learn American Sign Language and memorize favorite Bible verses! Completely illustrated, the easy-to-understand lesson book can be used by children of all ages (as well as their parents!) to practice the ASL hand gestures for important Old and New Testament verses. 48 pages, saddle-stitched softcover.

Signs of Wisdom (K-4): Expressing God’s Wisdom in Sign Language, By: James Sewell, Carson-dellosa Publishing, 2005, ISBN: 1594410801
Description: Try sign language! It is a fun and meaningful way to explore Scripture. The proverbs in this book cover topics such as exercising discernment, generosity, and patience; establishing a good reputation; listening to advice; choosing friends; trusting God; and many more! This resource includes: 30 Proverbs of King Solomon, a mini-lesson for each Scripture; tips on memorization; and explanations of sign history. 64 pages.

Signing at Church, Beginning Sign Language Series, Garlic Press, ISBN: 0931993989.
Description: Signing at Church is a helpful collection of signs, phrases, and Bible passages fashioned to bring hearing impaired and hearing church members closer in their exchanges and in their worship. Signing at Church serves as a good introduction to sign language, presenting greeting and questions, The Lord's Prayer, a passage from John, and a basic signing vocabulary.

Signing at Sunday School, Beginning Sign Language Series, By: Jane Schneider, Marina Krasnik, Kathy Kifer, Garlic Press, 1998, ISBN: 0931993997.
Description: A 32-page resource packed with information for signing Bible stories, Scripture verses for memory, and Sunday School choruses. Colorful graphics and clear demonstrations of signing techniques are used for the life of Christ from the annunciation to the ascension.

The Faith We Sing: American Sign Language edition , Abingdon Press, 2004, ISBN: 0687066816.
Description: The American Sign Language Edition of The Faith We Sing was developed to provide persons with hearing impairments access access to the songs and hymns as they are sung. Many words and concepts in hymns do not exist in American Sign Language (ASL); signers must "translate" hymns and songs used in worship into ASL prior ro the service. This text-only edition is primarily for signers to use in worship and other church settings. It will also be helpful to those who have impaired hearing for use with their families or in other areas.
* Contains all 284 selections in The Faith We Sing translated into American Sign Language
* Features and easy-to-use, easy-to-read format * Allows persons with hearing impairments to participate in worship
* Serves an important ministry function

Tuned In Songbook (Sing to the Lord Songbook), Gospel Light, 1998, ISBN: 0830721584 .
Description: 43 songs to tunes kids' hearts to God's word. Includes the following: Easy-to-play guitar chords and keyboard arrangements, reproducible word charts for every song, all the songs used in Gospel Light's Sunday School Network 34 curriculum for 3rd and 4th grades, and American Sign Language with motions to involve even the most reluctant child. I think this may be spiral bound?

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Other excellent signing books recommended to me.

The Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing, by: Rod Butterworth, Mickey Flodin, Penguin Putnam Inc., 1995, ISBN: 0399519521.
Description: The Perigee Visual Dictionary of Signing is the easiest, most comprehensive alphabetized guide to American Sign Language (Ameslan) available today. Unlike other signing books, which organize by "categories," the Visual Dictionary is arranged in a straightforward, easy-to-use dictionary format. Inside you'll find special features offering a fast, simple approach to the art of signing.

Signing: How to Speak with Your Hands, Revised, by: Elaine Costello, Lois A. Lehman, Random House, 1995, ISBN: 0553375393.
Description: This beautifully designed and illustrated guide includes: more than 1300 signs and their descriptions, large, clear, lifelike upper-torso illustrations that show posiiton and movement of the hands, plus their relation to the face and body. Precise, easy-to-follow instructions on how to form each sign. Hints to help remember how to perform specific signs. 14 chapters organized in logical groupings, each beginning with an explanation of the grammatical rules governing ASL. Also a fascinating introduction by Dr. Costello describing the history of the ASL, the role of sign languages throughout the world, interesting regional variations, and more. Also has a complete index and cross reference for quick access to any sign.

I have "ASL Worship Workshop Video Volume 1" and have used it with the children to do a presentation to the congregation. I also use it for my own personal worship time. The directions and music are very well done. (Moderator removed dead link) has an extensive list of words, but they also have video demonstrations along with a description of how to do the signs.

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More web sites to view demonstrations of sign language (and, in some cases, to download the movies to your computer.) (has religious signs) - A great site for signs. There are benefits to becoming a registered user (for free) and more benefits to becoming a member (fee).


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