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Thanks to Martha Ann Yamnitz for kicking off this important topic: Simple videos Sunday lessons.

Feel free to respond, suggest, and post your own links to your "simple videos."

Hello wonderful Kids Ministry leaders! 

I don't know how many of you feel the same as I do, but overwhelmed is a word I have both used and heard a LOT lately.  There is so much information out there right now and some great companies posting their free online services, but honestly I do not have the time to watch/listen/research those free services and I don't want to send something to my families that isn't true to our vision and our teaching at our church simply because it is being offered for free. 

You may feel the same, and I would just like to encourage you to NOT be afraid to sit in front of your phone, ipad, laptop, whatever you have and give your lesson just as you would if the kids were with you.  Those kids love you so much and they miss you.  You don't have to have 50 tech people on staff creating amazing videos, just be you - that is who the kids miss and who can help their parents the most when it comes to leading their children to be followers of Jesus.  The parents trust you, they have brought you their children, so you know that is true.  Just give it a go and email the video to the parents to share together as a family on Sunday morning or whenever they get the chance to sit together and learn - from you - how to continue to grow their faith during this time. 

I was afraid to do it at first, but if I wanted to help my sweet families, I had to get over that and just do it.  You can too!  I have attached a link to one of my videos from one of my lessons over the past 4 weeks now.  Watch it and see, it is me, alone, in one of our kids classrooms just telling my lesson as I would normally.  Only this gives the parents the benefit of being the ones that hear the kids discussions on how they are like the people in the story and how they can follow Jesus too. 

You can do this!

Here is the link to one of my lessons on YouTube:   https://youtu.be/26RjUCFHdkg
iew links to all my lessons at my United Methodist church's website: https://gracestaugustine.org/grow-in-faith/children

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Great job Martha! I love that you have included time for parents/caregivers and kids to have some talk time.

I hope that you don't mind if I share your collection of lessons so far. You are doing a fabulous job of leading your kids and their family!

First Pres Birmingham Michigan's "Simple Sunday School lesson video."

This Road to Emmaus Story introduced by Cindy Merten, the DCE at 1st, and told by "Miss Stephanie," a teacher there, using a "Godly Play" storytelling style.

Keep in mind that these two people are familiar to the 1st Pres kids, which is an important idea that Martha Ann mentions in her opening post in this topic -- "the kids and parents know and trust you. and want to see you"  

The Emmaus Rhythm Rap shared by Cindy at the end of the the lesson is from the Writing Team's Meeting Jesus on the Road to Emmaus lesson set music lesson

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