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Our thanks to Martha Ann Yamnitz for kicking off this important topic.

Note: originally posted during the COVID pandemic and called
Simple Sunday Lessons on Video, YouTube, FB Video,
it is a good example of creating
your own bible teaching videos
that we've moved it to our Video Workshop forum.

We've added a few more links to our favourite, other folk's video lessons, and why we liked them, as well as, tips on how to make your short ministry videos better.

Feel free to respond, with tips on how to make your short ministry videos better.

Hello wonderful Kids Ministry leaders!

I don't know how many of you feel the same as I do, but overwhelmed is a word I have both used and heard a LOT lately.  There is so much information out there right now and some great companies posting their free online services, but honestly I do not have the time to watch/listen/research those free services and I don't want to send something to my families that isn't true to our vision and our teaching at our church simply because it is being offered for free.

You may feel the same, and I would just like to encourage you to NOT be afraid to sit in front of your phone, ipad, laptop, whatever you have and give your lesson just as you would if the kids were with you. Those kids love you so much and they miss you.  You don't have to have 50 tech people on staff creating amazing videos, just be you - that is who the kids miss and who can help their parents the most when it comes to leading their children to be followers of Jesus.  The parents trust you, they have brought you their children, so you know that is true.  Just give it a go and email the video to the parents to share together as a family on Sunday morning or whenever they get the chance to sit together and learn - from you - how to continue to grow their faith during this time.

I was afraid to do it at first, but if I wanted to help my sweet families, I had to get over that and just do it.  You can too!  I have attached a link to one of my videos from one of my lessons over the past 4 weeks now.  Watch it and see, it is me, alone, in one of our kids classrooms just telling my lesson as I would normally.  Only this gives the parents the benefit of being the ones that hear the kids discussions on how they are like the people in the story and how they can follow Jesus too.

You can do this!

Here is the link to one of my lessons on YouTube:
iew links to all my lessons at my United Methodist church's website:

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Great job Martha! I love that you have included time for parents/caregivers and kids to have some talk time.

I hope that you don't mind if I share your collection of lessons so far. You are doing a fabulous job of leading your kids and their family!

First Pres Birmingham Michigan's "Simple Sunday School lesson video."

This Road to Emmaus Story introduced by Cindy Merten, the DCE at 1st, and told by "Miss Stephanie," a teacher there, using a "Godly Play" storytelling style.

Keep in mind that these two people are familiar to the 1st Pres kids, which is an important idea that Martha Ann mentions in her opening post in this topic -- "the kids and parents know and trust you. and want to see you"  

The Emmaus Rhythm Rap shared by Cindy at the end of the the lesson is from the Writing Team's Meeting Jesus on the Road to Emmaus lesson set music lesson

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I love your video!  It is so fun to see what others are doing.  I also love how this video reaches right to your children and what they are expecting to see and hear from you.  Great job!


"Short Clips" from Joe Bruce

Children's Minister at Hamblen Park Presbyterian, Spokane WA

Joe has created a group of fun kid-friendly video clips that teach Bible lessons. Of special note:  Joe's kid-friendly topics, vocabulary, sharp points, and use of props. I especially like Joe's variety of presentation styles (not just a talking head). 

Some of the content mentions his church, but the lessons are good for everyone, and the "kid-friendly style" of the videos is especially instructive to others wanting to do lessons on YouTube.

Joe's lessons include neat topic starters like: What did Jesus do for work?  Did he have any hobbies?
Did Jesus go to school? How old is God?   Joe posts his videos on the church's Facebook page and while some videos are only available there, most are on YouTube as well. 


Crossroads Kids Club Videos

Many are great for sharing with your families for at-home use.

Crossroads Kids Club videos are usually terrific, energetic, biblical, and ecumenical. We've linked to many here at by story in our "Video" Workshop topics in the Lesson Forums.

Check out their playlists on YouTube which will show you all their videos grouped by "category" or type, topic, and age group.

Their "God's Story" category of videos has some real gems in it. Here's one about Jesus:

Who is Crossroads Kids Club?
Crossroads is a "mega-church" in the US with many campuses. More evangelical than mainline, they are appealing to a new generation of believers and their kids with a relaxed contemporary style of worship and message. Thankfully for the rest of us, they have the production resources to put out content all of us can take advantage of.


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How to make your short ministry videos better!

Karl Vatner, the pastor and small church guru, has posted on his blog this fantastic list of 8 things to do or not do when making a short ministry-related video to share online. While geared towards those delivering a message or announcement, the "tips" are good for Christian educators and teachers too.

I've summarized them below in text, but his video is well-worth watching. I've added two additional tips specific to teaching in a video.

Even as we (hopefully) come to the end of the pandemic, we’re still facing years of doing ministry in ways we never had to consider before. (And) let’s face it, it’s harder in a small church. We don’t have a staff or tech team, so there are a lot of small church pastors trying to figure out our new technical realities with varying degrees of success. Here's a handful tips I've learned.

His 8 Tips In Brief:

1. Get to the point. 2 to 5 minute videos.

2. Hold your phone in landscape mode so that it records your video in landscape proportions which will display in the right orientation on people's laptops and places like Facebook (Instagram requires portrait orientation).

3. Look at the lens! This is the most important point. Don't look at your own face on your screen. Look right at the camera lens, i.e. eye contact with the person who is viewing you.

4. Keep your camera at eye level or slightly above. Don't have your camera below your eye level. Get an inexpensive tripod to hold your phone/camera.

5. Hold your camera still, not hand-held.

6. Pay attention to your background. Make it nice, simple, no clutter. Keep the light source in front of you, not behind you.

7. Stay away from the pulpit. Pick an informal space.

8. Audio Quality: Use earbuds with a microphone that connects to your phone for better recording!  You can also use a bluetooth earpiece that has a microphone.

9. I would add "be energetic and animated" on camera. No "scared stiffs." Karl's energy and pace are exemplary.

10. I would also add "bring color and props" to your ministry video if you're teaching kids.

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Making Your Facebook Live Recordings Available on Other Webpages

There are three ways to embed a recorded Facebook Live video for viewing on another site or page such that the viewer does not need a Facebook account or have to log in to their FB account.

1. By copying and pasting the FB video URL into your webage.

2. By pasting a link to your Live Video on your Facebook Page

3. And by copying and pasting the iFrame <embed> code into your site.

Websites that are made with Wordpress have video player "plug ins" that make the pasted URL of your FB Live video appear as a watchable video on your WP page. Other webpages might require you to 'insert media" and paste the URL there.

Facebook's instructions for embedding the URL of a FB Live video.

Read all the different instructions for different ways to embed a FB video.

How to Embed a Live video from Live Producer onto a Wordpress Page

  1. Go to Live Producer in your FACEBOOK account.
  2. Start your Live video.
  3. After the Live video, select Copy under Live Video URL at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select Preview to ensure video appears correctly.
  5. Paste the URL on the Wordpress page and select Publish. The video will then appear embedded on your site.

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