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A Provisional List of Bible Video Resource Websites

This is a 'starter' list of websites that take a rather comprehensive approach to listing Bible-related movies.

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Video Resource Books (for Youth)

Posted by SheilaB

Videos That Teach: Teachable Movie Moments from 75 Modern Film Classics, by Doug Fields/Eddie James, Zondervan Youth Specialties, 1999, ISBN: 0310231159.

Description: With Videos That Teach you can use clips from 75 of the best recent movies on video -- already collected an organized by topic and Bible reference, complete with start and stop times -- to illustrate your lessons and launch provocative discussion among your students. Discussions that get kids talking about themselves and life, about God and the Bible.

Table of Contents

The movies (in alphabetical order): [Movie, Pg #], Armistad, 24 Angels in the Outfield, 26 The Apostle, 28 Armageddon, 30 The Brady Bunch Movie, 32 Braveheart, 34 Bye Bye, Love, 36 Can't Buy Me Love, 38 Can't Hardly Wait, 40 City of Angels, 42 City Slickers, 44 The Color Purple 46, Contact, 48 Dave, 50 Dead Man Walking, 52 Dead Poets Society, 54 Death Becomes Her, 56 Deep Impact, 58 Dumb and Dumber, 60 The Empire Strikes Back, 62 Father of the Bride (1991), 64 Field of Dreams, 66 Forrest Gump, 68 The Ghost and the Darkness, 70 Good Will Hunting, 72Grand Canyon, 74 Grease, 76 The Great Outdoors, 78 Groundhog Day, 80 Happy Gilmore, 82 Hook, 84 Hoosiers, 86 Hope Floats, 88 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 90 Jerry Maguire, 92 The Karate Kid, 94 Les Miserables, 96 Liar Liar, 98 Lion King, 100 Madonna: Truth or Dare, 102 Malice, 104 The Mask of Zorro, 106 Men in Black, 108 Miracle on 34th Street (1994), 110 The Money Pit, 112 Mr. Holland's Opus, 114 My Best Friend's Wedding, 16 Nine Months, 118 Parenthood, 120 Pee Wee's Big Adventure, 122 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, 134 Powder, 126 The Princess Bride, 128 Quiz Show, 130 Rocky III, 132 Romeo and Juliet (1996), 134 Rudy, 136 The Sandlot, 138 The Santa Clause, 140 Shadowlands, 142 She's Having a Baby, 144 The Spitfire Grill, 146 Steel Magnolias, 148 That Thing You Do, 150 A Time to Kill, 152 Titanic, 154 Tommy Boy, 156 Toy Story, 158 The Truman Show, 160, U2: Rattle and Hum, 162 The War, 164 Wayne's World, 166 The Wedding Singer, 168 When a Man Loves a Woman, 170 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 172.

Videos That Teach 2: Another 75 Scenes from Popular Films to Spark Discussion, by Doug Fields/Eddie James, Zondervan Publishing, 2002, ISBN: 0-310-23818-8.

Description: Best-seller Videos That Teach took youth groups by storm. Now Videos That Teach 2 adds 75 more clips from recent movies that youth workers can use to illustrate topics they teach all the time. These "visual parables" are perfect for illustrating the point of a lesson or discussion. Indexed by subject and Scripture references, each clip comes complete with summaries of the movie and the clip, start and stop times, Scripture references, and discussion-starter questions.

Table of Contents

The movies (in alphabetical order): [Movie, Pg #] 28 Days, 24 Angus, 26 Anywhere but Here, 28 Arlington Road, 30 As Good as It Gets, 32 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, 34 Big Daddy, 36 Big Momma's House, 38 Black Sheep, 40 Boys and Girls, 42 The Breakfast Club, 44 Brokedown Palace, 46 The Cable Guy, 48 Chariots of Fire, 50 The Cider House Rules, 52 Courage under Fire, 54 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, 56 EDtv, 58 Erin Brockovich, 60 Ever After, 62 First Knight, 64 Forces of Nature, 66 Forever Young, 68 For Love of the Game, 70 Forrest Gump, 72 Frequency, 74 Galaxy Quest, 76 Ghost, 78 Girl, Interrupted, 80 Gladiator, 82 The Green Mile, 84 Holy Man, 86 The Hurricane, 88 Independence Day, 90 Instinct, 92 I.Q...94 The Iron Giant, 96 Jakob the Liar, 98 Jurassic Park, 100 Keeping the Faith, 102 The Matrix, 104 Meet Joe Black, 106 The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, 108 Mission: Impossible 2, 110 Mr...Mom, 112 Mr...Smith Goes to Washington, 114 Mulan, 116 The Mummy, 118 My Dog Skip, 120 Mystery, Alaska, 122 The Natural, 124 Never Been Kissed, 126 Notting Hill, 128 October Sky, 130 One True Thing, 132 Outbreak, 134 Patch Adams, 136 The Patriot, 138 The Perfect Storm, 140 Pleasantville, 142 The Prince of Egypt, 144 Runaway Bride, 146 The Saint, 148 Schindler's List, 150 Simon Birch, 152 A Simple Plan, 154 The Sixth Sense, 156 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, 158 Stepmom, 160 The Story of Us, 162 Toy Story 2, 164 U-571, 166 What about Bob? 168 Where the Heart Is, 170 While You Were Sleeping, 172.

Videos That Teach 3: 75 More Movie Moments to Get Teenagers Talking, Zondervan Youth Specialties, 2004, 9780310251071.

Table of Contents

The movies (in alphabetical order): [Movie, Pg #] About a Boy, 26 Adaptation, 28 Almost Famous, 30 Antwone Fisher, 32 Austin Powers in Goldmember, 34 Bedazzzled, 36 The Best Bits of Mr. Bean, 38 Big Fat Liar, 40 The Big Kahuna, 42 Big Trouble, 44 Catch Me If You Can, 46 Changing Lanes, 48 Clockstoppers, 50 Count of Monte Cristo, 52 Crossroads, 54 Disney's the Kid, 56 The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, 58 Dragonfly, 60 Drumline, 62 The Emperor's Club, 64 Eye for an Eye, 66 Far from Heaven, 68 For the Love of the Game, 70 The Four Feathers, 72 Groundhog Day, 74 Hart's War,76 Hometown Legend, 78 I Am Sam, 80 Ice Age, 82 Insomnia, 84 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, 86 Joe Somebody, 88 John Q, 90 Kate and Leopold, 92 K-PAX, 94 The Last Castle, 96 Legally Blond 98 The Legend of Bagger Vance, 100 Life or Something Like It, 102 The Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Ring (1st Clip) 104 The Fellowship of the Ring (2nd Clip) 106 Maid in Manhattan, 108 Meet the Parents, 110 Men of Honor, 112 Minority Report, 114 Monsters, Inc., 116 Moonlight Mile, 118 The Mothman Prophecies, 120 Moulin Rouge, 122 Mr. Deeds, 124 My Big Fat Greek Wedding, 126 Panic Room, 128 Pearl Harbour, 130 The Princess Diaries, 132 The Recruit, 134 Remember the Titans, 136 The Rookie, 138 Serendipity, 140 Shallow Hal, 142 Shrek, 144 The Siege, 146 Signs, 148 Singles, 150 Spiderman, 152 The Sum of All Fears, 154 Sweet home Alabama, 156 Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, 158 Tuck Everlasting, 160 Tucker: The Man and His Dream, 162 Unbreakable, 164 A Walk to Remember, 166 We Were Soldiers, 168 What Women Want, 170 While Oleander, 172 With Honors, 174

Videos That Teach 4: 75 More Movie Moments to Get Teenagers Talking, Zondervan Youth Specialties, 2005,  9780310256625.

There is also Saint Paul Goes to the Movies,: The Apostle's Dialogue with American Culture, by Robert Jewett, 1993, Westminster / John Knox Press, 9780664254827.

Star Wars, Amadeus, A Separate Place, Tender Mercies, Grand Canyon, Tootsie, Ordinary People, Empire of the Sun, Pale Rider, Red Dawn, and Dead Poets Society--all these movies show concern for deep human issues also treated in the Bible. The films provide evidence that many of the apostle Paul's themes in his New Testament letters are relevant for today. Contemporary movies, according to Robert Jewett, influence many Americans more than their formal education or religious training. And, since Paul interpreted the gospel on other people's turf, Jewett believes that today his forum would involve the movies, a primary source of discovering and debating important moral, cultural, and religious issues. Jewett treats film and biblical passages with equal respect. He brings their ideas and metaphors into relationship so that new insights emerge about both the ancient texts and the American cultural situation.

and Saint Paul Returns to the Movies: Triumph over Shame, by Robert Jewett, 1998, 9780802845856.

In this compelling sequel to his Saint Paul at the Movies, Robert Jewett brings another selection of contemporary films into dialogue with the biblical worldview. Jewett discusses ten major Hollywood movies that focus on the theme of shame and interprets them in the light of what St. Paul's letters say on the subject. His compelling analysis not only shows the cinema's unique capacity to unmask one of the deepest dilemmas of the human heart, but also offers the revolutionary view that the triumph of grace over shameful status, circumstances, and experiences lies at the heart of Paul's theology.

The Prince of Tides, Babette's Feast, Forrest Gump, Mr. Holland's Opus, Groundhog Day, Babe, Edge of the City, The Firm, Unforgiven, The Shawshank Redemption.

Video Resource Books (for Kids)

Posted by Joan Grady

I recommend the movie clips books -- they give you discussion points and activities, as well as video clips and applications. As visual and media-oriented as kids are these days, this is a good teaching tool.

Movie Clips for Kids, Group Publishing, 2002, ISBN 0764423835.

Movie Clips for Kids The Sequel, Group Publishing, 2004, ISBN: 0764426923.
Old Testament Devotions: Creation, Cain and Abel, The Flood, Tower of Babel, Abraham Is Tested, Jacob Gets Isaac's Blessing, Joseph Is Sold by His Brothers, Birth of Moses, God Calls Moses, God Promises Deliverance, Crossing the Red Sea, The Ten Commandments, Caleb Trusts God, Balaam's Donkey, Rahab Saves the Spies, David and Goliath, David and Jonathan, David and Mephibosheth, Solomon's Wisdom, Elijah and the Prophets of Baal, Nehemiah, Psalm 23, The Fiery Furnace, Daniel in the Lion's Den, Jonah and the Big Fish.
New Testament Devotions: John Points to Jesus, The Beatitudes, Jesus Heals Many, Parable of the Sower, Jesus Walks on Water, The Transfiguration, The Triumphal Entry, Parable of the Wedding Banquet, The Greatest Commandment, The Crucifixion, The Paralytic Is Healed, Jesus Calms the Sea, Jesus Blesses Children, Jesus' Birth, Jesus Is Baptized, Jesus Calls Followers, The Good Samaritan, Mary and Martha, The Lord's Prayer, Parable of the Lost Sheep, Parable of the Lost Son, Zacchaeus, A Widow Gives All, Peter Denies Jesus, Jesus Turns Water Into Wine, Jesus Talks With a Samaritan Woman, Jesus Raises Lazarus, Jesus Washes Feet, Jesus Is the Way to God, The Resurrection, Jesus Returns to Heaven, Pentecost, Peter and John Before the Sanhedrin, Paul Shipwrecked.

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Video, Kids, and Christian Education, by Russell W. Dalton, Augsburg Fortress, 2001, 080666410X.
Description: This is a book with all the basics and loads of ideas on how to do a video workshop creatively, from showing video clips to having the kids make movies themselves.

MORE THAN A MOVIE, Group Publishing, ISBN 0-7644-2838-1. 20 movies to create an event/party around.

Take a look at the Table of Contents, in the book, and you can get good ideas of matching movies and character traits/Bible topics.

Consists of 20 themed programs linked to mainstream movies (almost all are G-rated) like "Finding Nemo," "A Bug's Life," "Chicken Run," and "Toy Story."

Goodreads review found here

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Neil MacQueen's favorite Bible videos that he's taught with, link deleted, Neil says, "I have retired this page. For a big collection of "Bible video" recommendations for your teaching,
look up your story in the LESSON FORUMS here then look for listings in that story's "Video Workshop."

View and print Neil's free Video Workshop Manual posted here at

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Resource for our Video Workshop:  A BIG DVD REMOTE 

It’s dark and I cannot find the pause button, why do they make these remote control buttons so small! Voila, here’s a wonderful solution. A remote that has only the essential buttons that are widely spaced, large size, and in color. Buttons: Menu – Home – Up – Down – Left – Right – Go – Stop – Pause. Great for all those DVD’s that now come with interactive quizzes.

How to use it for Teaching in the video workshop:

Movie is over, any questions/discussion I specific want covered is now done or for those days you get more silence or stony stairs than responses (haven’t we all had those days).

  • Now I pick a child who will have control of the remote for the first interactive quiz question.
  • Someone reads the question, someone else (or me) reads off the possible answers.
  • As a group they decide on what they think is the correct answer.
  • Then the person in charge of the remote selects the groups choice using the remote up and down arrows.
  • Cheers all around if we get it right!
  • Remote passed on to next person and we continue this way with each question.
  • Kid’s love it – and they all participate – as you’ll have everyone’s undivided attention!

DVD's Series with Interactive Quizzes:

  • Nest - have added 3 quizzes per title (older DVD's will not have quizzes), always check out the questions beforehand as many of the movies cover more than one story. Questions and answers to choose from appear on screen but are not read aloud for you. Often they will group the questions to cover each story line. So if you may not have time to do all three be sure to focus in on the quiz that focuses on the story line that you want most to review. If the kid’s get the answer wrong you can also click and see a replay of that specific section of the movie that answers the question. They can do this before or after they answer each question. This is a big hit with the kids at my own church.
    Quiz location: Main Menu – Additional Features – Adventure Quiz
    Note: for each question you can:
    Review Scripture – Scripture verse will appear
    Review Video – Clip of video showing correct answer will play
  • Veggie Tales – Play Easy or Play Hard. Questions and answers to choose from appear on screen but are not read aloud for you. If you get it wrong, it continues on to the next question, not telling you which answer was correct. 10 questions in each set.
    Quiz location: Main Menu – Fun – Trivia Challenge
  • Hermie & Friends – Questions are seen on screen and read to you. When you select the right answer your rewarded with a short clip of the video on that question.
    Quiz location: Main Menu – Bonus Features – Trivia Game
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Downloadable Lesson Plans & Activity Sheets for VeggieTales

The VeggieTales site has a home video resource page  It allows you to download coloring pages, activity sheets, and lesson plans for their various videos.  They also list the theme of the lesson (patience, unconditional love, etc), a Bible verse, and (if it applies) the Bible story.

2021 Moderator Update: The guides are no longer available on the VeggieTales website, but I discovered the reason is they've been taken over by the Clubhouse Jr. Magazine - see here for a few free downloads, the rest appear to get printed in the Clubhouse Jr. Magazine (subscription required.) Here is their website https://www.focusonthefamily.c.../bible/veggie-tales/

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A Complete Listing of Bible Movies has a fairly comprehensive listing of all "Bible related" movies that have ever been made. It's really helpful when mounting a search.

The listing links to each Bible movie's wiki page where you can learn more about the resource.

Some other Bible Video Sources and Resources lists secular movies with sacred themes/scenes in them

HOLLYWOOD JESUS ....Christian reviews and themes in popular movies.

Vision Video ~ Gateway Films
One of the oldest, broadest distributors of church/Bible related videos around. I'm posting this link because they carry titles others don't, especially older ones. .... -- over 50 free downloadable video clips from the Life of Christ DVD. This is a project of the LDS Church, but is not branded as such, and all the narrations are straight from scripture.
A surprising number of Bible related videos are showing up on youtube. Some are copyright infringing, but many are not. In many cases it is a good way to PREVIEW a Christian video, as the publisher or a user will have posted a preview clip of a movie. Some out-of-print videos from defunct publishers are posted there as well.

Some video resources posted by Neil MacQueen

(moved here from the "Look what I found!" resource topic.)

Life of Christ movie  (free)

Life of Christ - The Nativity
While searching for a video on the Beatitudes, I came across a large collection of free video clips from the Life of Christ series.  

The clips can be downloaded or viewed online. Each clip is from 2 to 4 minutes long. Live actors, good production values, and good scenery. The acting is good, though presented in a bit too "beatific" (overly reverential?) style. It is word-for-word from the KJV and the actors speak with an English accent (though it was filmed in Utah).

Having previewed several of the clips, this originally Mormon-produced resource appears to be as ecumenical as any produced by traditional Christian publishers. The clips are not branded as Mormon and do not include non-biblical remarks.  Their "about" section gives permission to download clips for personal and group use.

By the looks of it, they continue to make clips, and are adding many from the Letters. They are straight from scripture. There's a link at the bottom of the videos page to purchased the entire DVD. 

Son of God (2014) teacher's outline to the movie

The Son of God [video)
I gave my guide (updated in 2020) to's Supporting Member Resources here (along with many of my other Bible movie guides). This seven page PDF lists the highlights in each of the DVD's 36 scenes. It includes discussion questions for each scene and has a few notes  It also discusses what parts of Jesus' story are not found in the Son of God movie, but are found in The Bible (DVD, 2013) made by the same production company. Much of the Son of God is found in The Bible DVD, but some scenes are shorter, edited differently, or not included.  Neil

The New Superbook Animated Bible series

Superbook - David and Goliath
The Bible SuperBook video series has been completely re-made. All new 3D style animation and storytelling.

Sunday School teachers from the 80's and 90's will remember the SUPERBOOK video series produced by CBN. It's Japanese "anime" style was iconic, but its style of narration was a bit odd.

See the guide and links to previews.

This LINK  should take you to a preview of the David and Goliath video. If not, look at the link above or google superbook.

One can view Superbook videos online simply by setting up a free account with CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network**). This allows you to preview or (with a reliable internet connection in your classroom) to show a video. (Flash is required to view videos.) Or, purchase videos on-line BUT expect to wait for their delivery! To order faster, call CBN Partner Assistance at 757-226-3320 - for a few extra dollars they will expedite a video.

**You may not be a fan of CBN (who owns the rights to the series), but the videos are good, particularly because they put kids into the story and have the asking questions and dealing with life application.


Images (3)
  • Superbook - David and Goliath
  • Life of Christ - The Nativity
  • The Son of God (video)
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