Please comment on this curriculum, using these questions as a guide.

What’s included in the curriculum? It would be great to have scope and sequence here, or at least a link to the publisher’s website that provides this information.

Who produces/writes the material?

What workshops are offered?

What’s the format of each lesson?

How can it be obtained/purchased? What’s the cost?

What do you like about it?

What could be improved?

How do you use it?

How do you adapt it?
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I attended a "webinar" about the curriculum and I think it has a lot of good things about it. From the samples I reviewed the lesson material seems to be well done and theologically moderate.
The down side: you have to buy the whole units, as opposed to individual workshops, and all of the Spark material is really dependant on having at least one of the new Spark children's Bibles in every room and/or for every leader. They highly recommend having one for every child.
I am sure if you contacted them they would be happy to provide lots more information and samples.
Jan S
I used the Spark Rotation materials last year and will use a few of their materials this year as we round out the 5th year of our rotation sequence. My basis for comparison is limited because the first 3 years I used materials from another publisher.

I liked having one book that contained lessons from pre-school through upper elementary, lessons that were specifically for same-age kids as well as groups of mixed age kids. Lessons were organized by workshop, were succinct and organized on the page in a way that made them easy to use. I didn't use more than 30% of the lessons provided in any given book, but it was great to be able to "pick and choose" the workshops that fit our preferences. Having lessons printed in the same format and layout made it easier for my workshop leaders to follow. Because Augsburg hadn't rolled out its on-line access yet, I had to scan the lessons and create pdf files in order to email them to my workshop leaders.

We didn't have any frustrations with a lack of Spark Bibles in our first year. My 4th and 5th graders simply used the Bibles they had been given as 3rd graders. I made the Story Bibles available to the workshop leaders for the younger children.
Originally posted by Chris18:
Has anyone seen the Spark rotation curriculum from Augsburg? I did a search and couldn't find any discussion. I dismissed it last year since not much of it was ready, but several of our lessons for this year are available. Our Pastor seems to be pushing a bit to give it a try. Wondering if anyone has impressions on this.

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