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Special Resources found in the Writing Team's
Road to Emmaus Lesson Set

This post lists some of the unique resources and activities found in various lessons of the Emmaus Lesson Set which could easily be used by teachers and pastors in a variety of ways. For example, many of the lesson activities listed below could be used as children's sermons, in children's worship, or for teaching opportunities other than workshop rotation model Sunday school.  

Following the Jesus Beat

Found in the Music Workshop, "Jesus Beat" is a drum-led rhythmic "Closing" reflection activity about "picking up the Jesus beat" (and what that is). Uses the phenomenon known as "rhythm sync" and technically known as "entrainment."

Six Terrific Contemporary Christian Music Videos

Found in the Art Workshop: Six terrific songs that speak to something in the Emmaus story. Suggested as background music for the art activity. Can be played using a cellphone that is connected to a Bluetooth speaker, or from your computer if you have an internet connection.

"Over-Projection" -a quick music video-making technique

seeyounowFound in the Video-Drama Workshop, this fun and easy to produce "make a video" project has kids interacting with Mercy Me's famous song "I Can Only Imagine." Learn more about the "over projection" technique in the lesson. It's a great technique for creating new videos using existing videos.

Reviews of Several "Road to Emmaus" videos we chose not to use

Found at the end of the Video Workshop lesson, we discuss some of the videos we reviewed and choose not to recommend.  

Adapt the "Emamus Stations" into Children's Sermons

Each of the stations in the Emmaus Stations Workshop could be a separate children's sermon or worship demonstration of a key point related to the Emmaus story. In fact, the station ideas originally were children's sermons from a pastor's file.


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