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This forum is collecting lesson ideas that seem more suited for VBS, or where multiple Bible stories are covered over several days or several weeks using a fun "theme-y" VBS-kind of approach.  If you have a specific Bible story in mind, look it up in our Bible Story Forums Questions should be posted in the Teachers Lounge.

ON those days when we don't expect large attendance, I generally schedule a one day lesson with stations. That way, we still rotate but just all in one day.
For July 3rd, 2011, I adapted an idea given to me by one of our valuable volunteers.

Bible Sports Heroes

Game Day Schedule and Instructions

All Kindergarten through Sixth grade will report to Gathering Time.

During Gathering Time, children will be put into groups, depending on how many children are present. Groups should be even-numbered, if possible.

Three stations will be set up. At each station, there will be a volunteer to lead the game; if there is no volunteer, shepherd will follow instructions in each room.

Games will be played one or two times and then children will rotate to another station.
Each station will also have an activity sheet to do, just in case there is leftover time at the end of the morning.

After all games have been played, shepherds should meet with their groups to go over joys and concerns. Have children go around in a circle and pray aloud for the joy or concern of the person to his/her right. Shepherd should begin so children have a model. Please keep it simple! Elaborate prayers will intimidate the children.

David: Skilled Stone Thrower

Hero Quality: Courage!
1 Samuel 17

  1. Read the description of David from the book, Bible Sports Heroes
  2. Say: Would you be afraid of a big, mean giant like Goliath?
  3. Do you think David was afraid? Why or why not?
  4. What does it mean to have courage?
  5. We can have courage, too, when we remember that God is always with us!

The Game:

Have children stand at or behind the taped line on the floor. The younger children should stand on the closer line and use the larger ball; older children should stand at the further one and use the smaller ball.

Have each child take three turns throwing the ball.
The child who scores the most points wins choice of prize. All others get a piece of candy.

Hit the shield: 3 points
Hit the sword: 5 points
Hit the helmet: 5 points
Knock the helmet off: 7 points.

Other Options

Form two teams.
Have each child on the team throw two or three times.
Add up team points.

Have each child throw three times
Three highest scorers go again.
Highest score wins.

Peter: Fisherman

Hero Quality: Faith
Luke 5:4-5

  1. Read the description of Peter from the book, Bible Sports Heroes
  2. Say: Jesus told Peter to follow him. He also told him to put the nets in the water. Why did Peter do what Jesus said?
  3. What does it mean to have faith?

Set Up:

  • Hang a blue tarp, tablecloth, etc. across a doorway or in a corner
  • Lay prizes in a bin, on the floor, or on a table behind the barrier.
  • Attach metal (not coated) paper clips to prizes.

Make fishing poles.
Using “refrigerator” magnets as shown, run ribbon or fishing line through the hole and
attach the other end to a wooden dowel, broom handle, etc.

The Game:

  1. Children cast line over barrier and try to “catch” a prize.
  2. The paper clip on the prize should attach to the magnet.
  3. A volunteer behind the barrier can help.
  4. If any child is having trouble “catching” a prize, the volunteer should attach a prize to the line.
  5. Either way, the volunteer should tug on the line to let the child know s/he got a “bite”.
  6. Make sure all children get a prize.


Hero Quality: Endurance
1 Kings 18:41-45

  1. Read the description of Elijah from the book, Bible Sports Heroes
  2. Say: Elijah was a prophet. A prophet is a person who says what God tells them to say, usually to get people to stop being wicked and turn back to God.
  3. Have you ever run a long way? What was it like?
  4. Elijah tried to get away from King Ahab and God gave him endurance to get to safety.


  • Plastic games cones
  • Scooters, tricyles, etc.
  • Prizes

Set Up:
Put cones down in the hallway any way except a straight line. Two children at a time can play the game. If you have a lot of children, form two even-numbered teams, or turn it into a relay race.

The Game: Chariots of Fire

  1. Have children decide who will be Elijah and who will be King Ahab.
  2. King Ahab is going to try to catch Elijah as Elijah rides his chariot down the hallway. If Ahab catches Elijah, Elijah is out for this round and should sit down.
  3. If Ahab doesn’t catch Elijah, both are still in the game.
  4. After each pair of children has had a turn, all those still in should go again, switching roles.
  5. Continue until there is one winner.
  6. Make sure all children get a turn.

Option: Relay Race
Divide group in half and station half of each of those groups at opposite ends of the racecourse.
One child from each team should race to the end of the course and hand over the “chariot” to the next person on his/her team. That child then races back to the starting line. Whoever gets back to the starting line first, wins. (Elijah has made it to safety!)

Cambell, Julie, 2008. Bible Sports Heroes. Warner Press, Inc. USA, (the hero’s story and the activity sheet for each station both come from the book, which is reproducible.)

Goliath: created from costume and VBS items we had.
I don't know how to post a picture but I can email you one, if you ask. syacoviello@fishersumc dot org

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Hi, I'm wondering about the reference to a book "Bible Sports Heroes".  The only book I can find with that name seems to only be available through Amazon in the UK.  Is that this book you used: Bible Sports Heroes: Great Lessons You Can Learn from God's Favorite Athletes Activity Book?

Thank  you!

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Hi Heather,

I'm not the author of the above lesson but do believe you're correct in that the books full title is "Bible Sports Heroes: Great Lessons You Can Learn from God's Favorite Athletes Activity Book", Warner Press (U.S.), 2008. ISBN is 9781593173258 or 1593173253.

I'm familiar with this series of books and this one is out of print. They are a 16 page reproducible Coloring/Activity Books for ages 6-10 that were sold in packages of 6. When it says activity book it is actually a simple retellling of the story with accommpanying coloring and/or activity sheet(s) (crossword/wordsearch/maze/etc) for each story.

FYI: her story games are not from the book just in case you were looking for game ideas for other bible heroes. If that were the case I'd look in any of the games workshops here under the different bible characters for more game ideas.

I did find used copies of the book for sale on at below link.

Another option is to find a retelling of the three stories in a bible storybible and you can search online for free activity sheets for each story (if you want to include a handout at each game station) rather than purchase the book.

Hope this helps.

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