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This forum is collecting lesson ideas that seem more suited for VBS, or where multiple Bible stories are covered over several days or several weeks using a fun "theme-y" VBS-kind of approach.  If you have a specific Bible story in mind, look it up in our Bible Story Forums Questions should be posted in the Teachers Lounge.


How about the story of Noah relying on God when told to build that huge ark in a dry land? Or what about the three Hebrew children who were thrown in the furnace? Of course, I can't figure out the "frog" part. Sounds fun though!

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For a craft idea we did a green frog out of a pop can .... We stepped on it in the middle to flatten the can leaving the ends untouched. Then we spray painted it green, then we put wiggly eyes on the top with the opening of the can as the mouth, then we put felt feet on the bottom! Then use the tab to put on the back with glue gun for hanging on the wall. Very simple craft and the kids loved it!! You can also use this with Sheep, bears and chicks etc!! We did this for the Noah story just change the colour of paint for each animal. You could also use this for the leper story!! Have fun!

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Here's a few starter ideas that might inspire something further...

Fully Rely on God (F.R.O.G.)Ideas:

A Bible Trivia game with squares in which the students advance to the finish line called "The Leap of Faith"

An Outdoor Activity game or Music/Dance Movements called "Jumping for Joy" similar to Simon Says or where the students silently mirror/mime the teacher.

Brenda V.

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Moses had to F.R.O.G. when he went back to Egypt to ask Pharoh to let his people go. And remember frogs were one of the plagues sent. The Prince of Egpyt movie has many scenes where the Israelites had to rely on God and take steps of faith. Of course, most of the Biblical characters were definitely F.R.O.G.gers!! big grin Sounds like fun!


The Bible Trivia game with a finish line called "The Leap of Faith" sounds good. I am working on a rotation for back to school, when kids are especially nervous and afraid, "Gideon and His Valiant 300." He did well as long as he F.R.O.G. To get the kids to understand the concept of fully relying how about a blindfold game? The blindfolded person must fully rely on a guiding hand or (for older kids) verbal instructions. Perhaps there are other senses that we can not rely on, and must rely on someone else. Of course, the message is that there are times when rather than trust what we see or hear (or taste or smell), we must trust God, i.e. Fully Rely On God.

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What an Awesome idea! What about having a few months theme of F.R.O.G, W.W.J.D., etc. Could someone remind me of the others and lets see some ideas for those too. For a F.R.O.G game I found something that I really liked.
You tape a "road" have one team on one side of the road and the other on the other side. The one team has a person blind folded and tries to get the team to show them through the path w/o stepping out of the lines. This teaches them to fully rely! And while they are getting guided through the other team tries to distract them. This stands for the things in life stopping you from F.R.O.G.! Good luck and God Bless!
kids 4 christ
P.S. Please let me know of any other ideas u folks have! Smile

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Your theme for the next mothn or w/e could be F.R.O.G but have a few weeks of peeps in the Bible that F.R.O.G! Such as moses,shadrack,mesack,andabendigo,Noah..etc1
good luck! Big Grin
This is just what I was looking for today, something fun and different to use for our summer rotation! I'm going to develop a group of lessons with this theme that stand on thier own each week due to inconsistant and low summer attendance.

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