Does anyone use rotation for both sunday school and midweek (Wednesday eve for us)? We have 45 - 60 minute sunday school, and 75 minute midweek program. We bus kids in for both services, with largest attendance on wednesday. I was thinking if we used 6 rotations (3 on sunday and 3 on wed), it might work. But that would give us only 3 week rotations. Any ideas? We are new to this idea, but so far everyone likes what we see, and hope to give it a try soon. Thank you!

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We use different stories on Sunday and Wednesday. There are some kids who overlap, but the vast majority attend only one or the other. So you might say our Wednesday program is our "other Sunday School."  


For us, most Wednesday attendees are not our church members' children, and I think having another story to encourage Sunday attendance really helps.   Because they are mostly DIFFERENT kids at both times, we can do many of the same activities/stories. Saves on planning. 

We have set up our scope and sequence so that the most important stories on Sunday repeat a few years later on Wednesday. For instance, we did Daniel & the Lions on Sunday in 2002-3 year and will do the same story on Wednesdays in the 2005-6 year.


Long-term that eases the workload a bit because we can re-use and just update some lessons when we do them a second time, but short term it means planning and writing two different lessons at the same time.  But that's the price of not having the same kids at both programs.


We started doing something similar to Rotation on Wed nite for our lesson time BEFORE we launched Rotation in that particular church. You could say that our Wed Nite program "proved" Rotation to the Sunday School.  


We had a lot of freedom on Wed nights to do thing differently. So sometimes we had shorter lessons and more worship, or more "big" games and longer computer lab time.  


Once we started Rotation on Sunday morning, however, we started to change how we did Wed Nite Lessons so they weren't so similar. Used the workshops a lot though.




Seems like we have some interesting differences and challenges. Here's ours:

We have a pretty successful Wednesday evening Rotation program. We're finishing up our second year next month.


Our Sunday school, though, is really dwindling. Some folks call it a "rotation", but it's really just learning centers. (The kids spend 20 min on a song, 20 min on a project(craft), then 20 min in the kitchen and eating what they have made.)  Not true Rotation. We have plenty of adult support on Sunday morning because it's easier to come to church a little early to help. But dwindling numbers of kids.

Our Wednesday evening program, Kids' Club, is a true 4 week rotation. 48% of the kids are not in families who officially "belong" to our church. What is sad, though, is that of the 52% (23 kids) who do belong, only 4-6 attend Sunday school.

SOLUTION: We're thinking of beginning a "Kids' Club Sunday Edition", or something like that, to draw on the success of Wednesday and try to increase Sunday school attendance.


Stacy Barnes

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