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Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant lessons and ideas.

We've been collecting ideas for a number of years. This first post is a set of ideas we pulled from some other Tabernacle discussions.

Add yours!

Art - Construction:

Imaginatively construct portions of the Tabernacle in your room using fabrics and painted butcher paper.

Create an Ark of the Covenant using TIN FOIL as your sculpting medium with dowel rods to carry it. Don't forget to put the Ten Commandments inside!


Use Kid Pix 4 (or 3D). Import images of the Tabernacle from the web into Kid Pix 4 or the newer "3D" version and add captions/explanations to them. Each computer workstations could create a presentation about a certain feature, object or area in the Tabernacle.


Create the Tabernacle or items in it as an illustration using phyllo dough and color food dye. Keep the dough moist. The phyllo won’t take long to bake and will look wispy.


Show the DVD "The Tabernacle" from Vision Video. It's a good animated walk through of the Tabernacle.

Show parts of the movie “The Ten Commandments” that show life wandering in the wilderness. Discuss how it would feel to be without roots, and why it would be important to have a place of worship even when you don’t stay in one place.


Locate a ram’s horn and give children instructions in how to blow it to make a sound (it requires practice). Make horns as a craft project. Have children create a fanfare for God’s “entrance.”

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Tabernacle Resources


  • Kregel Pictorial Guide Tabernacle , by Tim Dowley; Kregel, 9780825424687. Detailed descriptions and nice pictures. Good if your trying to build a tabletop model for what things looked like.
  • Tabernacle Workbook, Rose Publishing, 9781890947378. 12 fun lessons ages 10 to adult. Has a good 10 minute script that's done with humor going through the parts of the tabernacle. Has reproducible cards of each piece of the tabernacle good for matching games.


  • Free Printable model from "Gospel Hall Org" – you can print and have the children make – individually or as a group - all pieces including furniture – very cool. Scroll down to Sunday School Lesson 219 and then click on Download. Below is a snapshot of the file you are looking for.
  • Make 5 Bible Models, ISBN 9780819216786, by Gordon Stowell, Morehouse Publishing, 1997.
    Paper models of Joseph in Egypt, Samuel in the Temple, Tabernacle, Jericho, Noah's Ark - I have not actual seen this but it looks like the pictures are simple looking, more suitable for use with younger children once teacher as built it.  OUT OF PRINT (check Amazon, etc.)
  • Cokesbury Abingdon's Book of Buildings, by Cokesbury, Abingdon Press, 9780687041961. Has a paper cutout version of the Tabernacle.  OUT OF PRINT (check Amazon, etc.)
  • Paper Model of the Tabernacle, Rose Publishing, 2005, 9781596360280. (Ages 8 and up) Here is a full-color scale model of the Tabernacle, the Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant, the High Priest, and all of the animals and furnishings. Just cut out the 60 figures. Then fold and tape or glue. Made from heavy chart paper (also available laminated). Model size: Courtyard is 23" x 13" x 3".


  • The Tabernacle, Vision Video, 727985006727. 3-D animation walk through of the tabernacle, it's furnishings and their scriptural meaning. 28 minutes Note: the animation is amazing but it reads the scripture of each piece of the tabernacle and the younger children got very fidgety and bored. Recommend showing younger children the next video. These is also a workbook you can purchase.
  • Toying with the Truth, K10C (Kid's Ten Commandment Series), Tyndale 2003, 9780842376211 (or you may want to buy the set of 5 - 9780842376211). Ages 4-11. Animated - Seth who is 12 and living in the camp of Moses during the time of the Exodus. Focusing on the breaking of commandments 9 & 10 (is 5th in the series). But it also touches on the tabernacle being built and the gathering of material for it and it ends with everyone gathered at the newly built tabernacle and you see God in a cloud descend into the Holy of Holies. Great for all, but especially the younger ones who couldn't sit through the first one.

Hands-OnLittle Folks Visuals Tabernacle Set

  • Little Folks Visuals, Flannelgraph Set, "The Tabernacle" - Includes 32 pieces, 12" figures, 11 word strips, 34"x10" courtyard and lesson guide. (also available through Betty Lukins - #BL00906)
  • Wooden Blocks purchase a box or two from your local toy store. Have the kids build a single tabernacle as a group, they can also use the blocks to build the furniture. If you have enough blocks each child can build their own tabernacle, when everyone's done go around to each and have them point out the different parts of their tabernacle to the group. Blocks can be used in most bible stories.


  • Jubilation Station: The World of the Tabernacle (Downloadable Product Only), Cook Ministries, 9786125195210.  This title deals with the Tabernacle and is designed for children in grades 1 through 6. A 6-week program that immerses kids in biblical cultures. Flexible Scheduling: A 1-2 hour Sunday morning or mid-week program.
  • Workshop Zone Year 2, Vol. 1: The Tabernacle (Downloadable), by Vicki Bare, Cook Ministries, 9786125037855.
    -  both of the above downloads can be purchased through


  • iLumina 2.0, Gold Edition, 4 CD-Roms and 1 DVD. (OUT OF PRINT) Includes a really neat virtual animated tour of the tabernacle, it's furnishings and the priest's garment. (Left here for those who have it)
  • "The Glo Bible" also has interactive Tabernacle content.


  • The Tabernacle Cutaway Wall Chart- Laminated, Rose Publishing, 2004, 9781890947491, 19.5" x 26" - reproducible worksheets on back.
  • The Tabernacle Wall Chart- Laminated, Rose Publishing, 2004, 9789901980925. 19.5" x 26" - four reproducible worksheets on back.
  • Art of the Covenant Wall Chart - Laminated, Rose Publishing, 2004, 9781890947286, 19.5" x 26" - four reproducible worksheets on back.


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  • Little Folks Visuals Tabernacle Set
  • mceclip0
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Staci posted:

We would like to build a tabernacle in our art rotation. Does anyone have any good ideas? We will be working with 5 and 6 year old children.
thanks so much!

Cathy had this reply:
My idea is for a "take-home" tabernacle, not a permanent structure left in your Sunday School room--not sure which type of project you had in mind. Anyway, the children could create a diorama of a tabernacle. Start with a shoebox or other box. Have items representing the various objects in the tabernacle--some that you supply and others that the children can make or color. As you talk and teach about the various parts of the tabernacle, the children could place that part in their diorama.

Depending on the focus of your lesson, the children could create objects of significance to them to place in the tabenacle.

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Treasure Chests:


We did a similar activity a couple years ago in VBS. We purchased cardboard "treasure chests" from Oriental Trading (they come with gold do-dads with which to decorate)but our children enjoyed coloring/painting them - you could use gold paint. We glued scripture verse on the inside of the lid (signifying the real treasure is God's Word). A few of our girls still talk about using the boxes for their jewelry, but each time they open it, they see the scriptures.

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