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We are going to do the Bible Account of Jesus Cleansing the Temple. I am looking for a CD or tape of Temple music that could be playing in the background of one of our workshops. I also am looking for Temple type instruments that the children could play along with the music with... to get a sense of what it sounded like when Jesus was there.

Thanks for any ideas you can pass along. Michele Amick.

Another member asked....

I need some sources to find info on Jewish music and dance for a rotation. HELP! Lots of the lessons on the site mentioned using dance and music, but no one had info on where to find it.

Any help is appreciated!

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Look what I found ... and just might order myself!412X6P85T4L

A group that has "authentic" music from Jesus' day:

1) Ancient Echoes - Music from the time of Jesus and Jerusalem's Second Temple by San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble

2) Also Group Publishing's VBS "Holy Land Adventure - Bethlehem Village" has a separate CD you can order. There is one song on it that would work "Bethlehem Village Soundtrack". Moderator notes this is no out of print, but you may want to check out the current Group's VBS and the songs on the corresponding music CD, as they sometimes reuse songs from previous VBS Themes.

3) I also think of the hymn "The King of Glory" ... The King of Glory comes, the nation rejoices. Open the gates before him, lift up your voices." Do you know that song? Maybe the kids could learn it.



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While you may not find something that fits exactly, you might want to go to and search under middle eastern music. I've purchased a couple of discs there (Oud players,among others)which I enjoy as "background" music, and might suit your needs. I've got Tim Rayborn's "The Path Beyond" and some others. you might want to check Jeffrey Armen, Pharoah's Daughter, David Helfan, Za'Atar, among others. I know, they're not "temple" music, but they may set the marketplace mood.

another member replied to Jewish dance music ....

I would also suggest you search the internet for Davidic dance or Jewish Messianic dance.


Luanne notes:

Trial and Crucifixion

Cooking Workshop

See where I adapted the lesson to add a Jewish dance.

We danced to “We’ve Been Approved by God” by Liberated Wailing Wall. Found on their albums "David's Hope" or "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem".

We formed a circle holding hands and did the CROSSOVER STEP (also known as Mayim or Grapevine).

Details of dance are found in the attachment I added to this lesson, here's the link to it, see end of page 2 Easter Meringue Story Cookies Lesson Sheet.pdf

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