The Bible in 50 Words

Lesson Idea

Summary of Lesson Activities:

To provide a review of the timeline of the Bible

Lesson Plan

Opening: 15 minutes

Introduce the timeline on the wall. Discuss the sections into which it is divided:

  • God Creates
  • God calls a people
  • God judges and redeems a nation
  • God sends a Son
  • God empowers a church

Mention some of the stories that we have covered in Faith Challenge or Faith Quest and where they fit into the timeline.


Discuss: one purpose of Faith Challenge is to take the stories that we have learned and put them into chronological order so that we can see the entire story that is the Bible

Display the Bible in 50 words on chart paper or poster board. Say it first all the way through.

Then review it with the commentary. Ask the kids first what each couplet means to see if they know the story to which it relates.

Rap – 10 minutes

Divide into small groups of 3-5 kids. No more than 5 groups.

Ask each group to interpret the 50 words in rap language and actions.

Presentations – 10 minutes

Present the groups’ interpretations. You may ask the audience to clap or tap a rhythm. Cheer for each interpretation.

Younger Kids - Instead of making a rap, the younger children might enjoy making a tiny book. Take a strip of paper and fold it accordian style so that there are 26 pages. Put a title "The Bible" on the front and let the kids write the 50 words - a couplet to each page. Ask them to take their books home to share with parents.

Another exercise is to hand out the couplets and let the kids put them in order. Older kids can use the Bible, younger kids might use a Bible story book. (Younger kids will need significant help) See if you high school and middle school classes can do this.

Cliffs Notes on the Bible

The Bible in 50 words -------(and commentary)

God made -------the world.
Adam bit ------- the fruit of the tree of knowledge;God sent him out of Eden.
Noah arked ------- when the floods came. God made a covenant.
Abraham split------- the land with Lot. His descendants would number the stars.
Jacob fooled ------- Esau out of his birthright & Isaac into blessing him.
Joseph ruled ------- in Egypt. Many Israelites settled there & became slaves.
Bush talked ------- Moses was called to free the Israelite slaves.
Pharaoh plagued ------- 10 times because he would not let God’s people go.
Sea divided ------- saving the Israelites when Pharaoh’s men chased them.
Tablets guided ------- the Israelites with the Law of Moses.
Promise landed ------- the people in Canaan after 40 years of wandering.
Judges led -------- the Israelite people. It was a rough & violent time.
Saul freaked ------- as the first king. The people had wanted a real live king.
David peeked ------- at Bathsheeba. God loved David in spite of his weakness & sin.
Kingdom divided ------- into Judah & Israel. Warring, fighting & sinning prevailed.
Prophets warned ------- the kings and people about their evil ways.
People exiled -------from Judah into Babylon. Israel had already fallen.What a mess!
Hope rose ------- as prophets spoke of a messiah who would save the people.
Jesus born ------- in a stable. Angels proclaim the news. Shepherds & kings visit.
God walked ------- in human form as Jesus, preaching about the Kingdom of God.
Anger crucified ------- Jesus. He upset the Jewish leadership. He died for our sins.
Love rose ------- when Jesus was resurrected after 3 days conquering sin & death.
Spirit flamed ------- the disciples at Pentecost after Jesus' ascension.
Word spread ------- the Good news in the early church. Paul preached to Gentiles.
God remained.------- then, now and always

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