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How Rotation.org Saves Churches Hundreds of Dollars a Year

 Rotation.org is not only the official home of the Workshop Rotation Model, we are also home to a radical new way of creating and sharing great curriculum at a fraction of the traditional cost. Our existence and the adoption of the Rotation Model across the continent has spurred numerous denominational and independent publishers to write their own "Rotation style" curriculum. Some is better than others. Some isn't very good at all.

As of 2019, here are the major publishers still making Rotation curriculum. There are a couple of smaller Rotation publishers who are no longer writing or improving their materials but whose materials can still occasionally be found somewhere online or used in a church somewhere. They include "Cornerstones" and "Mustard Seeds." 

Are you WAY overpaying for Rotation Sunday School curriculum?

A look at what some of the publishers are charging.
A "set" is a collection of lessons, usually 6 to 8 of them all on one story.

  • UMPH/Cokesbury's PowerXpress Rotation-style curriculum is $15 per lesson.
  • Deep Blue's "Rotation Stations" curriculum is $99 per lesson set.
  • The ELCA's Sparkhouse's Rotation curriculum is $42.99 per lesson set.
  • PCUSA's "We Believe" Rotation curriculum is $15 per lesson.
  • Potter's Rotation curriculum is $65 per lesson set.
  • Group's Faithweaver "Friends” Rotation Curriculum is $105 per quarter.
  • Rotation.org Writing Team Lesson Sets -- $45 for as many as you want to download! 

Yep... Rotation.org only costs $45 for an annual membership, during which time you could download as many years worth of the Writing Team's lesson sets as your heard desires.

Become a supporting member of Rotation.org and download as many of the Writing Team's lessons as you want, as well as access our THOUSANDS of free lesson and teaching resources.

How is this possible? Because we are supported by our members -- not sales. We are led by volunteers and don't employ an office or marketing staff. 

A few more things that make Rotation.org different than these traditional publishers...

  • Rotation.org is the official home of the Workshop Rotation Model.
  • We were founded by the creators of the Rotation Model.
  • The 38 extra special Rotation-style lesson sets (and counting) from our 'New' Writing Team were written by experienced Rotation Modelers -- each of whom has decades of teaching experience. Their 38+ sets are in addition to our thousands of free lessons and ideas in our public forums.
  • All our lessons can EASILY be used by TRADITIONAL Sunday Schools.
  • The New Writing Team's work is overseen by a group of six Christian educators from four major denominations and a Presbyterian minister. Together, our leaders and editorial team have over 150 years of creative teaching experience.
  • You can download and edit every single one of the Writing Team's lesson plans and all the rest of our site's content.  
  • Rotation.org is the ONLY online curriculum resource that also offers personal expert support to teachers by teachers via our Teachers’ Lounge.
  • We continue to post free teacher training and continuing education articles.
  • Rotation.org's website is not a "storefront." It is an interactive community that invites your instant feedback and lesson ideas, and allows us to continue to update and improve resources.
  • We DO NOT accept advertising and are NOT managed by a marketing department.

Learn more about Rotation.org, its mission, and its attitude.

Become a Supporting Member of our revolutionary community

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