The following brief article and Curriculum Cost Chart appeared in a 2013 Email Newsletter to our members. Please note that Cornerstones has since then closed up shop and the cost of a Supporting Membership at has increased to $45 a year — still the cheapest option!

How Saves Churches Hundreds of Dollars a Year is not only the official home of the Workshop Rotation Model, we are also home to a radical new way of creating and sharing great curriculum at a fraction of the traditional cost.



Cokesbury's PowerXpress$109 for one Rotation lesson set
Augsburg Sparks$24 for 3 Qtrly grade level teacher booklets,
plus $5 per student for Qtrly packets
DC Cook Workshop Zones

$29 for one Rotation lesson set

(6 workshops)


$15 per workshop per Rotation story

or $1,000 per year

Leader Resources Workshop Cycles$239 per year membership
Potter's Publishing$90 per Rotation lesson set
Supporting Membership

$30 annual donation

gets you access to ALL of the Writing Team's 30+ Lesson Sets, plus all our public materials, plus access to our Rotation community Help Forum !
Registered Membership
FREE access to our hundreds of publicly available lessons, and lesson sets, and workshop manuals, and ideas.


Obviously, is by far the least expensive Rotation curriculum, unless you write your own.

Rotation curriculum published by denominational publishers tends to be brief, simple, and a little old-fashioned.

Rotation curriculum from Cornerstones and Potters tends to be deeper and more creative. They were begun by some of the original Rotation folks.

The FREE Rotation curriculum posted at varies in quality, depth, and creativity, depending on who is posting it. Some of the material was posted as outlines or basic ideas by volunteers. Other free lesson sets are rich in detail and were written by accomplished Rotation lesson writers.

The Writing Team Rotation curriculum, which is accessible by joining for $30 a year, is highly creative lessons that have been written by Rotation volunteers who are experts in the particular workshops they are writing for. That group is overseen and edited by Phyllis Wezeman, a well-known Christian educator and successful CE writer/publisher, who has also led a Rotation church and for many years was the resource coordinator here at

Providing churches and Christian educators with "CREATIVE CHOICES" is one of our ultimate goals here at Our message board format allows us to do this.

We recognize that some people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars a year to have their lessons picked FOR them. And in that case, probably isn't the place for them. was founded in 1997 so that creative teachers, educators, and pastors could share their Rotation lessons and support materials with one another.  Once upon a time, NO publishers offered Rotation lessons and resources. There was only our informal network, which became this website.

Even as publishers jumped on the Rotation bandwagon with their own materials, we at believed that many in the Rotation community still wanted to share, and reach across denominational lines as well, to support each other.

SOMEDAY, perhaps denominational publishers will embrace the power of internet technology to share across the grassroots — as we have for over a decade. 

This is why we say that we are not only sharing a new way to do Sunday School, but we are also DEMONSTRATING a new way to RESOURCE Sunday School as well.

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