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“When Your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight.”

The Cooking Workshop harnesses the creative and intense sensory fun of making and eating foods to "taste and see" the Bible lesson.  Be sure to read "What is the Cooking Workshop?"  All our Bible Lesson Forums have Cooking Workshop topics full of ideas. Supporting Members should be sure to visit the Writing Team's exemplary and extra-creative Cooking Workshop lessons.

This topic began as a list of brainstorms from several seminars hosted by Phyllis Wezeman on the topic of "Cooking" in Sunday School.  


You will see many cooking workshop lessons listed in the Lesson Forum here at that use these ideas.


You are welcome to add your brainstorm to this list.


However, if you have a specific cooking lesson idea, find the correct Bible story forum here in the Exchange and post your lesson idea there. 



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Editor's Note:


Phyllis has led many Rotation seminars over the years. Here is a collection of cooking project ideas and techniques she brainstormed with participants:


Bake sales

Meal deliveries


Grind grain

Use Bible food


Candy cane story

Red food

Trail mix stories

Make churros
Noah's ark - graham crackers
Resurrection biscuits
Locusts - peanut butter
Wine from Grapes
Last Supper
Unleavened Bread
Mud Cups - Creation
Missions -- beans and rice, third world country
Create your own faith - rice cakes
Giant mural with candy and food - Bible story
Pretzel - teaching prayer


Dough ornaments
Foods Jesus might eat
Ingredients -- Bible stories/verses
Pita bread
Sandwich of faith
Seasonal foods


Art with food
Blueberry smoothies – Jesus calms the story – blender with frenzy/calm
Dough ornaments
Eat your mistakes
Food story bags
Fruit of the Spirit
Hidden inside
Hospitality – children responsible for cookies, donuts
New foods
Object from story with food
Pig pie – chocolate pie with oreos
Play dough
Rainbow jello
Resurrection buns
Unleavened bread
What would Jesus eat


Banana pudding
Bible verse recipes
Cheese tasting
Communion project
Cookie dough
Cooperative meal
Creation salad
Frosting/icing symbols
Hunger meal

Layered jars
Lentil soup
Numbered dinner
Potation people
Rice Krispie shapes
Tea party

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