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Video, A-V Lessons and Ideas for teaching the Story of Adam and Eve - Genesis 2 - in Sunday School

Post your Video, A-V Sunday School lessons and ideas for Adam and Eve, Genesis 2 & 3.

Bible Sunday School lessons and ideas with Adam and Eve -video, audio-visual, movie, video-tape, animated Bible

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Recommended for Ages 5-11:

The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible: Creation, aka, the venerable "Hanna Barbera's Bible videos. This once popular series has the three young explorers transporting back to the Garden of Eden for the story.  They aren't in the story, but have it told to them.


This is the "go to" video for many of us because it spends time on the story of Adam and Eve. Though a bit dated, the dramatic nature of the story makes up for it. The interjection of the 'modern' kids doesn't seem to bother our kids (just some adults!)


You can find a preview of it in low-resolution on youtube. Search for: Stories From The Bible - Creation


Not Found: 


Adam/Eve/Creation not found in the popular Nest series.

Not Recommended:


"The Bible: In the Beginning" ...the 1966 Hollywood movie directed by John Huston covers the book of Genesis but it is overly long and boring.

"GENESIS" from "The (TNT) Bible Collection"...has very little Adam and Eve content. 



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Adam and Eve on Youtube

Found a WONDERFUL animated video of the Adam and Eve story on youtube.

Watch a clip below.

Appears to be an animation based on a book titled "Once Upon a World." Links to that organization are dead, and I cannot find the video elsewhere.

You can download the video by copying the Youtube URL and going to a free download service online, such as,
Here's help if you need help downloading from YouTube or understanding how to show a downloaded video.

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Video: “Discovering the Beginning.” Morning Light Media (The Great Bible Discovery Series, Vol. 1- includes Creation, Noah and Abraham) Vision Video, UPC 727985011189.

The second half of the Creation video covers Adam and Eve. Although it is from 1997, it is very well done. It is available from Vision Video.

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Lifeway has a brief (3 minute) video in its Gospel Project for Kids series that follows the scripture closely and retells the story of the fall:   Sin Entered the World



From Lifeway: 

The Day Everything Went Wrong

It was the worst day imaginable: the day where God’s “very good” world was sent into chaos—the day sin entered the world.

How do we help our kids see the good news that comes from the day everything went wrong? Watch a special preview of “Sin Entered the World,” the Bible story video from The Gospel Project for Kids, Vol. 1: “In the Beginning”.

Chapter 5 in Episode 2 of DVD #1 “In the beginning - Genesis” from the “What’s in the Bible Series?” has a good summary of the Adam and Eve story and explanation of “sin.”

Supporting members can see that DVD’s full outline here:

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