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Awesome Bible Adventures also has a full length episode on DVD entitled "Escape from the Fiery Furnace


Moderator adds:  Each DVD has two bible stories (other story is Lot) approx. 15 mins. each, involves teen applying bible story to life now (with her young brother and his friend).  Jumps back & forth between today and to dramatized bible story - they were done in 1998, #733317410056.

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DVD - “The Fiery Furnance” (New Superbook Series)

Present day story: Chris is tested with a moral dilemma (cheating on a test) and Joy warns him to do the right thing. Kids are suddenly launched, by Superbook, back in time where they witness three men tested by fire.  A lesson is learned by the kids from the experience and they take that back and relate how that lesson affects their decisions today.

 (Animated - approx. 28 mins)

To see reviews of the "New Superbook" DVD Series for more details on this series link)

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One of (few) good* parts of the 2013 mini-series "The Bible" is the Daniel section.

Here's a clip of it posted to YouTube by a fan for preview purposes. Daniel is seen with Nebuchadnezzar. We see the golden statue and the three friends refusing to bow down to it, etc. etc.

Titled "Daniel experiences a miracle" by the YT poster, it should have been titled something like "Fiery Furnace."  It's the last part of the OT section in The Bible (movie).

*"GOOD" as in, one of the few Old Testament parts of that mini-series I would recommend, especially for children. The NT parts are awesome, and were turned into a full-length movie known as "Son of God," ...but the OT parts are rather violent and uneven. The Daniel episode is really good.

The preview clip cuts off the beginning and end of the story, btw.

One of the challenges of SHOWING any recreation of the Fiery Furnace story is that, at its core, this is a story with a visual of people being burned alive --which should be a bit disturbing to all of us, let alone children.  But the MOVIE* handles it with appropriate fear, miraculousness, and special effects. 

I particularly liked how the movie depicts the people's reaction to the miracle as we hear Daniel embrace the three friends and say "God is with us!"  --which is the point of miracles, make a statement about God.   Would that the rest of the movie's OT sections were handled with such care and production quality (I really don't like the Moses-Exodus section of this movie, for example).   

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