What's in the Bible? DVD #7: Exile and Return ~ Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther


The following excerpt comes from Sunday Software's free outline and teaching guide to DVD #7:


DVD Chapter 5: Ezra! Rebuilding the Temple


18:30 Ezra the Priest is sent back by Persian King Artaxerxes to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.


20:00 Ezra "freaked out!" ...he showed his displeasure that the people had sinned. They repented. Definition of "repent".

21:00 Song: "Ezra is the book about the Israelites returning..." "But their neighbors made a fuss."


DVD Chapter 6: Nehemiah! Rebuilding the Wall


22:00 Nehemiah talks about rebuilding the walls. Louie explains why they needed the walls. Nehemiah was a cupbearer. What a cupbearer is.

23:55 God moved Artaxerxes' heart and he gave Nehemiah permission to go to Jerusalem. 24:00 The story of rebuilding the walls.

25:20 Church lady recaps Ezra and Nehemiah.


26:00 Fabulous Bentley Brothers summarize Ezra and Nehemiah in song. (3 minutes long)


28:40 Phil: God can use anyone in his rescue plan. Repentance is important.


(Time marks are approximate)

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DVD - “Nehemiah” (New Superbook Series)308_Episode_Preview

When Chris is asked to tutor two poor students who are also class clowns, he doubts he’s the guy for the job. Superbook then whisks Chris, Joy and Gizmo away to ancient Jerusalem. They meet Nehemiah, who is mocked and threatened as he rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem. Chris learns to do the job God gives you.
Lesson:  Do the Job God gave you and don’t pay attention to mockers. (Animated - approx. 28 mins)

I have their Abraham and Issac DVD called "The Test" and loved it! (see Rotation.org reviews of the "New Superbook" DVD Series for more details on this series link).



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