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Video Ideas

I am looking for video ideas (secular is fine) that lift up some of the following themes:

Being obedient:
(something with actions/consequences)

(or getting along with one another)

(someone, something important)

Using your gifts/talents
(perhaps something about diversity??)


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Hi Lisa,

Here are some ideas:
Obedience: "Dennis the Menace" (he was always getting into trouble!) or even "Leave It To Beaver". If you can find them, the "Davey & Goliath" videos the Lutherans produced eons ago are good lessons.

Another good one is "Finding Nemo". He was told not to swim out into the ocean, and he did. Another scene that works is they were told to go over the ridge, not through it. By going through it, they encountered all kinds of trouble with jellyfish.

Or, "The Lion King" - Simba was told not to go to the elephant graveyard but did anyway.

Peace: I don't know if it's available on video, but "The Color of Friendship" would be good. It's about a white South-African girl who comes to the US as an exchange student and discovers her host is black. Deals with apartheid issues.

Remembering: Again, I don't know if it's available on video, but an episode of "The Waltons" where John-Boy witnessed the Hindenburg crash. He wouldn't talk about it for a long time, and when he did, it was a very healing moment for him. Everyone thought it was very exciting, but it was a very painful experience he just wanted to forget.

Or, scenes from "Titanic", where Rose remembers being on the ship.

Gifts/Talents: "The Gift of Hope: The Tony Melendez Story" is about a young man born without arms, but learned to play the guitar with his feet. Available from
There are two scenes from "Bruce Almighty" that would work with this. He doesn't like to do the "fluff" stories, but finds in the end that is his gift.

You might also check your denomination's Resource Center or local library.

Hope this helps!

Julie Burton

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Originally posted by Lisa M.:
I am looking for video ideas (secular is fine) that lift up some of the following themes:

Have you seen the book "Movie Clips for Kids"? There are dozens of movies with lesson plans in them that could be used as part of a rotation. In fact, that's what I'm here looking for... some ideas to go along with one of the segments.

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