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Raising of Lazarus - John 11. Jesus wept. Lazarus, Mary, Martha, Bethany, Lazarus come out!, etc

Bible lessons and ideas about the Raising of Lazarus -with video, audio-visual, movie, video-tape, animated Bible, etc.

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Raising of Lazarus – Mountaintop Movies

Movie Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children will watch the Nest Animated video “Lazarus” and take the quiz that comes after it.


Scripture:  Luke 17: 11-19

Outcome Objectives

  1. Children can identify the main points in the Lazarus story.
  2. Children can answer at least 8 of the 10 questions correctly at the end without having to look up the answers.

Movie Summary:
The movie begins with a non-Biblical introduction where Mary and Lazarus make visits to a leper colony to comfort the lepers, particularly a little girl Sarah, who ends up dying. When Lazarus finds out that Jesus heals people, he decends to the leper colony and brings out his friend, whom Jesus heals. It makes a point about the horror of lepers being shut away from the rest of the world, while not making those on the outside seem like terrible people. While this is nice, there’s no biblical mention of Lazarus or his sisters being involved with any lepers in any way. It serves the purpose of setting them up as good, deserving people. However you should point out that this part is not in the Bible.

The video also includes: Luke 10:38-42 the story of Martha serving and Mary listening.

Supplies Needed:

  • DVD – Lazarus
  • Copies of some activity pages of your choice from Lazarus book.
  • Popcorn and supplies

Advance Preparation:

  • Preview the movie and decide where you would like to stop for questions.
  • Know how to access the questions on the DVD.
  • Remember that at church, you will be pointing the remote at the equipment, not in the direction of the screen.




Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Welcome the children and introduce yourself.


Open with a prayer.

Distribute popcorn.

As you do this, see how much the children remember of the Lazarus story. You can use the felt board and characters the children learned in art to help with the story illustration.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:
Watch the video, stopping as needed.

Life Application:
Return to the main video menu and take the 10 question quiz that came with the video. Level 1 is content based – do this first with all age groups. Level 2 gets more theological and is probably best with older children. If they do not answer at least 8 questions right as a group without looking the answers up, take the quiz again if there is time.



End with a prayer.

To take home:
Copy some age appropriate activity pages that came with the video.


A lesson posted by member Lisa Martin.


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I created this "mash-up" of Chris Tomlin's "Good Good Father" song with scenes from the Son of God movie depicting Jesus and Lazarus. It's posted to YouTube and you're welcome to use it.

The mashing of these two together makes a lot more sense when you think about (and teach the fact that) the resurrection of Lazarus revealed God's goodness through Jesus to his disciples and friends will extend even beyond death. Jesus promised that this goodness (aka, the resurrection) would greet us upon our death. Pretty good homecoming I think!    And it's not because of who I am, but because of who GOD is (as Tomlin also points out in his lyrics).

I wrote a detailed lesson plan about this song and music video mashup for the Writing Team's Jesus and Lazarus "Lazarus' Song Workshop. That lesson plan is only open to supporting members here at

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