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I am urgently looking for children’s bible stories on physical videos or CDs that I can use in the children’s church. The church has a TV, Video player and a CD player but nothing to show during Sunday school, church service or programs.
Kindly let me know if you have any for sale or donations. Most people can just download from the Internet now but the church does not have that facility yet.

Thank you and Gid bless.

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Welcome, @Ms Tee!

We have lists of media that you can use with Bible stories listed and reviewed In our video workshop forum and also suggestions for specific Bible stories organized by Bible book in our Lesson forum.  

We are here to share sources and resources, but do not have a way to share physical dvds and things.  Try reaching out to other churches in your community: you will find they are happy to let you borrow dvds and videos.  Also, you may be surprised at the assortment of videos and dvds and cds your public library has that you can borrow fir free! Check it out!

Hi Ms T, it sounds like you might have an older VHS machine? When I retired two years ago, we had so many of those "left behind". I am not sure if they still have them but I am checking. Also, there are sellers on eBay who are cleaning out and might be a good affordable source. I saw one that had a big stack of one series.  Robin

And if you do not have internet/wifi in your church, don't miss this article on how to use a smart phone. it says, in part

But if your church doesn't offer you a web connection, you can still use your cellphone's web connectivity to show content on a TV screen.

If your church does NOT have WIFI, but your phone has a strong signal to a nearby cell tower, you can connect to the internet with your phone! Just remember that connection/data rates will apply.  Find a volunteer with "unlimited data" to bring their phone into your classroom if you don't have it.

The articles give easy to follow detailed instructions on how to show online content on your tv, including what connection cable to look for.

Also, if you only have a vhs player and are having trouble locating videos, you may be able to find a low cost dvd player at Goodwill or someplace like that. Or someone in your church who is only watching streaming content these days may have a no-longer-used dvd player they are willing to donate.

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