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Jesus is Born!

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This creative set of lessons covers the Advent stories of "The Angel's Announcement to Joseph" according to Matthew 1:18-25, and Caesar's Decree, the Journey to Bethlehem, and the Birth of Jesus in the Manger according to Luke 2:1-7.  

See other great Team lesson sets that cover other parts of the Advent story.

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Set Overview

Lesson Objectives and Bible Background

A Background that informs AND inspires teachers.

Art Workshop

Students will make a special 3 part Christmas ornament of lasting quality that depicts the three key episodes of the scriptures in this set. This is definitely NOTE your typical "snowflake craft."

Bible Skills & Games Workshop

Students will come away with a working memory of the scripture passages, vocabulary and story geography by playing several games with them.

Computer Workshop

Students will interact with the story using Fluffy & God's Amazing Christmas Adventure CD, learn about what an angel is (and how to be one), and reflect on how to share the story today by expressing the "announcement" and "birth story" scriptures in new language.

Cooking Workshopjourneybread

Students will make "Journey Cakes" --learning this special food's history and connecting it to their journey towards Christmas and beyond.

Drama ~ "News Team 7's Breaking News!" Workshop

Students will create and perform a special "news broadcast" script featuring the angel's story and birth at Bethlehem.

Music ~ "Advent Idol" Song Workshopadventidollogosm

Students will craft new lyrics to familiar tunes to express key concepts in a fun group singing contest. Music is an important part of the Advent season. They are a great way to learn the stories and feel the message -and this lesson makes it fun.

Video Workshop

jesusisbornStudents will watch a unique music-inspired video that covers the Angel's Announcement & Birth in Bethlehem, then play a "story parts & order" game, and reflect on "their part" in the story.



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