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One source for information is the One Great Hour of Sharing packets. There has been some very interesting mission stories. I often do children's messages during Lent on OGHS. One I did went something like this: in Appalachia (somewhere in the US) the people didn't have good water to drink. It would come out of their faucets smelly. (I had two glass jars, the water in both LOOKED clear, but one smelled awful! I got the water from a puddle in my yard). Then I told that helpers from OGHS went to work and now they have good water. (I then opened the other jar of good water and let them smell it.) There was more to the discussion, but it was very effective. Any of the Mission resources from PC(USA) should be helpful. You should have some on hand, as they are usually sent automatically to the churches. Ask your pastor or others in the church if they have one. If not, contact your presbytery resource center.

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There's a very interesting "Water Thread" running (pardon the pun) through Pathways Through Jerusalem CD-ROM (unfortunately out of print, but left here for rotation church who own it). How water is ritually used in the 3 Great Faiths. I've always been particularly fond of Azziz's interactive section on the El KAS fountain located on the Temple Mount. Muslims use water to bathe their hands before prayer. In King David's pathways he discusses how water was used "in the Temple ritual cleaning the knives." More if you're interested.

You might also be interested in the lesson plans and GAMES I just posted on Moses in the Wilderness. Water figures BIG at Marah (bitter water) and Rock of Horeb.

In so many stories God seems very interested in water! How many can you name?

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Baptismal Prayer

I love our baptismal prayer (UCC Book of Worship) which touches on waters at the beginning of creation, Noah, Red Sea crossing, Jordan, water of Mary's womb, John the Baptist, woman at the Samaritan well, foot washing, and great commission. I think it would be a neat review exercise to remember these stories and also see if there are other stories where the children remember water playing a role.


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