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Weaving Project


I am looking for an easy weaving project for kids 1st-6th grades. The rotation is about Samuel, and we want to talk about Hanna weaving the cloth to make a new coat for him each year in the Art workshop. The kids will have 20 - 30 minutes to complete their project. I would like something made with cloth - more than paper placemats, etc. Our workshop leader has a loom with a weaving project to show them how it works.
Thanks, Brenda

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Weaving Ideas



Option 1: There's always the old potholder standby...

Option 2: A simple weaving project can be found in the book Old Testament Days - An Activity guide by Nancy I. Sanders. You make a loom by tying a dowel between two chairs and tying the strings (warp? weft??) to the dowel. Kids then use cardboard "needles" to weave between the strands.

Option 3: Another idea is to make small individual cardboard looms. Take a square of cardboard (whatever size you want) and cut notches in the top. Loop your yarn or cord over the notches for the vertical part. Then weave the horizontal part. You can add extras such as colored strips, beads, nature items (twigs, feathers) and other stuff to make it interesting. To finish, cut the top cords off the cardboard loom and knot together. Knot the opposite ends also.

Good luck. Sounds like fun!

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Weaving Videos


Just found some FANTASTIC and SIMPLE videos on YouTube for weaving: you can show the kids this one, and this one make setup so easy!


If the links go dead, search "cardboard loom" or similar on youtube.


Note: You can weave with strips of cloth rather than yarn. Makes the production faster and the finished product can thus be bigger.


You can also weave strips of cloth into things like things like aprons, painter's caps, pillow cases. Cut slots in the fabric, weave with fabric, and apply a bit of fabric glue to hold in place.

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