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What is a "Rotation" ?


A "rotation" is what we call the four or five Sundays in a row that we spend teaching one story. Each week, the kids "rotate" into a different workshop that has a different teaching technique. (Teachers do not rotate, but stay in the workshop of their strength and adapt their lesson each week for a different group.)


"Workshop" refers to the classrooms that the kids rotate into. Each "workshop" uses a different teaching technique, such as, Art, Drama, Computer, Video, Games, and is staffed by a different teacher.
Pictured right: Paul and Silas in the Drama workshop!


What is a "Scope and Sequence" ? 


"Scope and sequence" is the high-falootin' term Christian educators and publishers use for "list of stories we teach in Sunday School."  


Scope and Sequence asks, "What stories, and in what order?"


Typically, Rotation Model Sunday Schools create a four to five year list of stories for their elementary age children to rotate through. Many stories also get repeated during that period, such as Holy Week stories, and Advent stories.


Traditional Sunday Schools change the story every week, and thus, must come up with 52 Bible passages a year. Rotation Sunday Schools spending 4 to 5 weeks per story only choose 10 to 12 stories per year.  That means that over a four or five year period, Rotation Sunday School will not have time to cover many "minor" stories in the Bible, and thus, "choosing the list" is an important exercise.   


Why not choose more stories or only spend 2 weeks per story?  Because repetition is the cornerstone of all learning, and kids aren't there every week. They need more than one week and more than one learning experience/modality to get the story to SINK IN.  See our articles about the Rotation Model for more about this philosophy.


See our article on How to Create a Scope and Sequence


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