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The Goal of this Children’s Christmas Program is:

1) To have the children learn (in an experiential way) the story of Jesus’ birth,

2) To give the congregation a chance to remember and reconnect with the Christmas Story,

3) To be part of an event in which the congregation gathers and celebrates Jesus’ birth.

The General Concept/Idea

The primary dialogue and movement of the play will be a BROTHER and SISTER trying to identify the pieces of a nativity scene which they had mixed in with their other toys the previous Christmas. As the brother and sister go through their TOX BOX, they will be trying to remember and decide what belongs around the manger. As the pieces are “found” and placed in the Nativity Set, life-size people/figures take their places around the full-size Nativity Set in front of the altar.

The “dialogue” will be read by two readers at the pulpit and the lectern. The BROTHER and SISTER will mime/lip synch what is being read.

As new figures are placed in the Nativity Scene, there will be musical breaks where carols/Christmas Songs are sung (by children, soloists, and/or congregation).

Character Outline

The brother (Jimmy) and sister (Lizzy) are 10-11 years old.

Lizzy is a little bit older and in general acts a little bit more mature. She likes to think she knows a lot but occasionally Jimmy comes in with some surprising insight and knowledge. She likes

Jimmy is a rambunctious boy. He tends to get distracted the most by the toys he finds while looking through the toy box. Lizzy has to keep reigning him in and refocusing on the task.

In general, they like each other and get a kick out of gentle ribbing and teasing.

The Mom is really sharp. She is less “put out” about the pieces being missing than enjoying an opportunity for them to have a project to help prepare for Christmas.

Cast of Characters






3 Shepherds

3 Wise Men


Barn Animals (children in costumes or cut out)

Living toys:

Power Ranger,

Star Wars figures (Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker (with lightsaber)

Dolls, Stuffed Animals, GI Joe, Barbie & Ken

Harry Potter


Buzz Lightyear





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