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This topic originally started as a question about children's sermons ...which in the original poster's church used to follow the lectionary, just like their old Sunday School did.  Your insights are welcome.



Hi Rotation friends,


Our church has been using WoRM for one year. We're about to work on our scope and sequence for the long term.


One challenge/concern that came out of our evaluation was from our pastors:

They aren't sure what to do with children's sermon time in worship anymore.


Before, we were using a lectionary model, so they always connected their children's sermon to the day's story.


Now, since we're looking at the same story for several weeks, they do ONE children's sermon about the Rotation story, but are asking "then what?" 





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We have been on rotation for nearly 7 years now and it's been a tremendous success.


We tie the children's sermon to the workshop lessons at least once a month and whenever else it's possible.


And in answer to your question, after doing one children's sermon a month on the Rotation story, we tell our pastor to feel free to do children's sermons about THEIR sermon, or any of the other readings they are using in worship.


As well, we have given them a list of the stories we are NOT covering, so that those stories get covered in children's sermons.


We have also suggested the pastor do some teaching about worship.


This does a couple of important things:


1) It gives the pastor an opportunity to feel connected to our Sunday School and contribute to our rotation content!


2) It showcases that the children are learning (which makes the congregation see the value of our model).


3) By talking about our rotation lesson in worship, it reinforces and validates the importance of our lesson content in an important context.




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Our children's sermons USUALLY follow the lesson from the lectionary that our Pastor is preaching on. Last year we tried to tie in with Sunday School, but (he) found it difficult.

We don't usually try to tie Sunday School into worship unless there is a natural connection. Instead, we frequently use children's sermon time as worship and "about church" education time.


Just recently we used the Worship Banner Kit from Phyllis Wezeman & Anna Leichty - that was 12 weeks worth of children's sermons!


We do use the lectionary in worship, so sometimes I look to Carolyn Brown's books called "Forbid them Not" for ideas of how to make the themes of the worship service child-friendly.

From time to time the lectionary reading is about one of the stories we have ALREADY COVERED in a previous Rotation. That means I can ask them questions about the lectionary scripture, and it shows off that the rotation model is really working - when two years after studying the story in Sunday School, a child can accurately respond to questions about the story in worship!




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I sit down with a couple of the pastors in our church and look at what are some of the important stories and subjects that are most appropriate for a Children's Sermon.


Not every story or topic is best in Sunday School, and not every story or topic is great for a children's sermon. 


For example:  teaching about worship and prayer are great to do in worship. But teaching about involved stories, like Exodus, are best left to teachers in rotation.



Hope this is of some help.
Best wishes to you in your ministry,

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Being the Associate for Christian Education, I preach once a month. Often on these Sundays I try to tie the WoRM lesson into the sermon and into the children's sermon. But, for the most part our children's messages are based on the day's worship Scriputre reading and we try to tie the children's message in with the "Adult" message.

Whether you use the lectionary for children's sermons or not...


In my opinion, the Children's Sermon in worship is something that so many churches mis-use, -turning it into an opportunity to speak to the adults, and using the kids as props.


I think this happens more often when the pastor didn't prepare.


If it really is FOR the children, then the selection of scripture needs to ALSO be FOR THEM. This means that many lectionary texts simply are not appropriate.


When we do the Children's Sermon here, it usually connects to something happening in worship or a specific theme of the church season. ie... very tangible for the kids.

Jan S

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