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Exodus: Through Water and Wilderness

Lesson Set Summary

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Crossing the Red Sea, Bitter Waters Made Sweet at Marah, Manna from Heaven, and Water from the Rock 

...these four "post-Egypt" episodes are found together in Exodus, and are being taught together because they each deal with the same theme:  

We complain, God gives.

We fear and doubt, God rescues and guides.

We get angry and hungry, God forgives and gives. 

God leads us through the wilderness --we should follow in faith.

Originally designed for use in Workshop Rotation Sunday Schools where teachers can afford the extra prep and set up knowing they'll use it all again next week with another class, traditional Sunday Schools will also find plenty to adapt. The workshops in this set are designed to complement each other, each taking a slightly different tack through the stories.

This set was formerly known as "Moses: Sea and Sand." It was completely rewritten in 2016. The lessons themselves are only open to Supporting Members who's contributions allow us to improve the Team's sets and keep the site running.  Become a Supporting Member!

Lesson & Resource Summaries

Bible Background for your teachers 
(Open to the Public)

This teacher-friendly Bible background gets to the heart of these stories: their life application, and explains important concepts and words. It lists teaching objectives and includes numerous "notes," and a list of several possible memory verses.

Art Workshop

Students will create their own sand-story in a bottle whose layers, colors, and inserted objects help tell the Exodus story and "bottle" it's meaning. Comes with extra detailed instructions and teaching "script" to lead the assembly.

Marching Through Exodus - Stations (Bible Skills & Games)

RockBalloonsStudents "march" through four "Water and Wilderness" story stations (Red Sea, Marah, Manna, Rock), hearing their scriptures and engaging in memorable demonstrations and games, and a concluding quiz. **This lesson is an expanded, improved, and detailed version of the much-loved "Marching through Exodus" lesson here at our site.

Computer Workshop

Students play an onscreen game that takes them through the stories: Crossing of the Red Sea, Miriam's Song, Marah waters made sweet, Manna from Heaven, and Water from the Rock.

Cooking & Art Workshop

Students will make manna using a simple recipe, then decoupage an "OMER" jar to store their manna in and take it home to share.  (Moses told the people to collect an Omer of manna as a reminder.) 

A Special Puppet Workshop

Students will create "responses" to a list of complaints about following/worshiping God and going to church, then perform the complaints & responses using a collection of puppets/props. The puppet presentation uses an unique "SQUARE STAGE" concept that allows puppeteers to see each other as they perform, and be part of the audience. This lesson includes a student worksheet and puppet script.

Video Workshop

Students will view and discuss a portion of an terrific animated movie that closely follows scripture and depicts the events of Red Sea, Marah, Manna and Water from the Rock. Students then reflect with a fun "Moses Audition" activity.

Creative Writing Workshop

paintbagStudents will gather around a creative writing table that features a map of the story made out of "no mess paint bags" which they and the teacher will "write on" with their fingers to illustrate and write responses to the story as it unfolds. Then they will finish with a fun Water from the Rock "dissolving" demonstration that reflects on God's gracious response.  This is an extra special workshop! 

Extra Resources for this set and subject

Additional video suggestions, books, songs, foods, room decorations, games, etc.

Suggestions for Home & Family Follow-up

A list of things parents can do with their children to reinforce these lessons at home and expand on their meaning.

**Included with several of the lessons in this set is an updated, kid-friendly, customized Exodus Route Map.

About the Rotation.org Writing Team

The Rotation.org Writing Team is a volunteer group of lesson writers that has been creating sets of lessons for our Supporting Members since 2004. From 2015-18, every set was rewritten with the leadership of a professional Rotation Model lesson writer. And now that Team of volunteers continues under this professional leadership producing more great lesson sets!

Supporting Members are welcome to "REPLY" to each lesson with their comments, questions, and improvements.


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