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Here's your free access to Fluffy and God's Amazing Christmas Adventure software!

Download the Zip File (contains the installation program and helps)

Outline and Guide to Fluffy (also included in the download)

Graphic summary of what's in each learning section (for teachers)
Magi section's questions handout
Shepherd's Quiz handout for student and teacher

"Fluffy" was donated to by Sunday Software. Enjoy!

Fluffy is a poor little sheep whom God decides to tell the Christmas story to -- the whole thing. God does so through a series of interactive story-retellings, activities, and extra content for deeper study. "Fluffy" was designed to be the kind of software a Sunday School could teach with every Advent to cover one or more parts of the Advent story. It can also be used by students and their families for a fun at-home lesson.

Fluffy's Main Menu (seen below) is the gateway to six learning areas, each with between 20 to 25 minutes worth of content which should extend longer with a teacher or parent riding along and pausing to ask the many questions embedded throughout the program.

  1. Promises, Promises covers Isaiah 9 and the OT promise of a Messiah
  2. Yo Mary and Joe covers the announcement of the angel and meaning of Jesus' name
  3. Road to Bethlehem is a short section about Bethlehem
  4. Birth of Jesus tells the Birth story
  5. Shepherd's Night tells the Shepherds story and includes a visit to the manger
  6. Magi cover the visit of the Magi and those who seek and spread God's message

God has a lot to share! ..and many of Fluffy's activities help students not only learn the biblical story, but reflect on its meaning for us today.

Fluffy Logo

Age Range:  By themselves: Grades 3 to 8.  Ages 4-7 with help and being selective about which content to view and use.

System: Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 -only.

Permissions: Sunday Software is making this program available to the Supporting Members of free of charge. The program may be installed on as many computers at your church as needed or shared with your church's members for their home use. The file may not be publicly posted or otherwise distributed beyond your congregation's use.

Extended Description:

At times, Fluffy is fun tongue-in-cheek, and at other times it is still fun but more serious and reflective. Pop-up content and navigation options allow students to bypass some content or drill-down for deeper study (some of which has been put there for older kids). Key Christmas story historical background and biblical vocabulary is explored. All of the five main learning areas are big on life application. Fluffy feels like and looks like an interactive lesson, which means it works well when, led by a teacher, it is projected to groups.

View a short video clip that quickly cuts through a number of Fluffy's interactive screens and menus. No narrations are included but there are plenty of them in the software.

God is depicted onscreen as a cloud with a lightning bolt that leads Fluffy around the story (perhaps distantly related to the pillar of fire in the Exodus story). God has quite a sense of humor, and for a change, God's voice is very "country."

In "Yo Mary and Joe!" God explains to Fluffy the differences in Matthew and Lukes stories about the angel's visit, and provides an activity about how WE can become God's messengers (angels).


Several of Fluffy's stories include a verse reflection activity called "Fluffimations." Students complete a "mad-lib-like" set of questions posed by the program which inserts them into the scripture to create a new version of the story spoken aloud by Fluffy using the student's vocabulary.

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