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Noah’s Ark

Movie Workshop
Grades K-2


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses the video "Noah and the Ark" narrated by James Earl Jones, adaptation from Peter Spier's book.


Scripture Reference:

Genesis 6-9

Lesson Objectives:

The student is to…

  • understand that today people still do bad things but instead of sending another flood, God sent us Jesus.
  • understand that the ark saved only Noah and his family but Jesus can save everyone who believes in him.
  • remember the sign of God’s promise to never send a flood to cover the earth again, the rainbow.

Leader Preparations:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Preview the video.
  • Gather the materials.


  • Video
  • Popcorn

Advanced Preparation Requirements:

  • Have the video ready when the kids arrive.
  • Pop the popcorn.



Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself.


Open with a prayer.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

  1. The story of Noah’s Ark is familiar to most children. Ask for volunteers to tell you the story in their own words. Then tell them that as we watch the movie today we are going to concentrate on the part that includes this month’s memory verse.
  2. Read the memory verse to the children from Genesis 9:13 (use the bible). Ask, “Who do you think is talking in this verse?” (God) What “bow” is he talking about? (Rainbow) What does “covenant” mean? (Promise) Who knows what this promise is? (That he will never again send a flood to cover the whole earth)
  3. Have the children repeat the memory verse after you. “I have set my bow in the clouds… children repeat …and it shall be a sign. … children repeat Say again: I have set my bow in the clouds and it shall be a sign …children repeat again … of the covenant …children repeat … between me and the earth.” children repeat Say again: …of the covenant between me and the earth … children repeat again. Say it another time, this time in the two phrases. Say it one more time every one together (teacher too). It may help to have this memory verse written on poster board or large paper so the children that are old enough to read can follow along.


  • Hand out popcorn (treats) and get ready to watch the video.
  • Introduction: As we watch the movie today think about God’s promises
    • to save Noah and his family
    • to never again flood the whole earth
    • to save us if we believe in Jesus
  • Show the video
  • Discussion: (There are no right or wrong answers, accept all that are reasonable)
    • Why did God tell Noah to build the ark?
      To save his family and the animals from a great flood.
    • Why did the people laugh and make fun of Noah?
      He was building a boat on dry land.
    • Did they believe Noah when he told them God was going to send a great
      flood? NO
    • Remember the ark saved only Noah and his family. Who did God send
      to save ALL of us? His son Jesus

Say: The end of the Noah story is really a beginning. The world was fresh and clean and new. God gave all living things a second chance. Have the students write or draw in their journals what the world would have looked like after the flood.



Closing Prayer:
Dear God, thank you for loving us and keeping your promise to Noah and to all of us. Amen


A lesson written by Judy from: Augustana Lutheran Church


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