This forum is collecting lesson ideas that seem more suited for VBS, or where multiple Bible stories are covered over several days or several weeks using a fun "theme-y" VBS-kind of approach.  If you have a specific Bible story in mind, look it up in our Bible Story Forums Questions should be posted in the Teachers Lounge.


Camp Bible Wahoo!  

is a "church camp themed" Sunday School rotation I wrote as a Summer Sunday School curriculum.   3 workshops, 3 weeks on each story.  

You can do any story and drop it into the Church Camp theme.  

A camping theme is a fun and quick way to decorate your spaces or use the outdoors. We set up tents as classrooms, had a fake indoor campfire, and used lots of Xmas trees, fencing, logs, summer and beach gear to decorate. 

We chose the stories of Good Sam, Daniel in the Lion's Den, and Paul's Journey. The lessons and lesson ideas used to exist here at but are now only available (for free) at my company's website:    We used the Nest videos about Good Sam, Daniel, and Paul, and our Good Sam the Samaritan software CD. 

Each week begins with a Gospel Grove sing-a-along and story introduction. Then the kids split into one of two thirty minute workshops:   

Lake Bible Wahoo! Theater for a video, and the Computer Tent Campsite for software use.  On the third week of the rotation all the kids stayed at Gospel Grove for skits, more songs, and a quiz game. 

In addition to songs about each story, we created a Camp Theme Song using the ever-popular kids song, "Pharaoh Pharoah, O Baby Let My People Go".  Those lyrics are available at the link. 

Here are some pictures... 

Computer Tent Campsite 


And yes, the Lake Bible Wahoo! theater had REAL SAND in the classroom. Not messy at all. 

Read our lessons and setup instructions here.

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