Science Lessons and Ideas for Teaching the Jacob stories, Including Jacob and Esau, and Jacob's Ladder, in Sunday School

Post your Sunday School science lessons and ideas for the Jacob stories, including Jacob and Esau, and Jacob's ladder here. 

Jacob and Esau, Genesis 25, Genesis 27, Genesis 28, Isaac blesses Jacob, Jacob's Dream, Stairway to Heaven, Jacob and Laban, Leah, Rachel, Jacob Wrestles, 

Bible Sunday School lessons and ideas about Jacob and Esau  -with science experiments, demonstrations, object lessons, magic tricks, presentations, etc.

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This year we did the unit Jacob and Esau


The kids enjoyed a real science lesson on how Jacob and Esau were twins, but very different. The teachers talked about DNA and made edible DNA from Licorice , toothpicks and colored marshmallows.  It sounds rather complicated, but this was one lesson I sat in on and the teachers put in in terms that the children understood. The "hands on" making of the DNA made it understandable. (they only presented this to the older kids) I imagine this is a lesson that could also be presented with the  creation story.


This was sent home with the children:

Jacob and Esau
Genesis 25:19-34,   27:1 – 33:20

Then Jacob woke from his sleep and said,  'Surely the LORD is in this place---and I did not know it!”

We studied how God makes us each special.   
We all have different traits and abilities.   
Our genes make us who we are.  Genes are made of DNA.
DNA is made out of proteins......tiny puzzle pieces that control how our bodies work.
We used marshmallows and licorice to make DNA models.
Cytosine (green) and Guanine (orange) always stay together.
Thymine (pink)  and Adenine (yellow) always stay together.
They are connected to a sugar backbone in a Double Helix (twisted ladder)




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