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The Beatitudes

Summary of the Lesson Set

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A set of lessons for teaching the BeatitudesScripture

Matthew 5: 1-12, The Beatitudes

Read the Lesson Objectives and Bible Background for this set.

Pictured: Blessed are the pure/clean/honest of heart, for they will see God!

Summary of Lessons and Resources

Lesson Objectives and Bible Background

This essential background includes interpretations of each Beatitude and an explanation of Beatitudes Vocabulary (such as, what does "meek" mean).

Art Workshop

Students will customize a "key" lanyard with keywords from the Beatitudes, then add a "Jesus the Key of Keys" –key to their lanyard for a take-home reminder of the Beatitudes.

Bible Skills and Games Workshop

Students play a unique Beatitudes matching game that emphasizes Bible memory, and an understanding of the spiritual traits Jesus was focusing on in each Beatitude.

Computer Workshop

Students fly the friendly skies of Galilee Flyer software game --looking for and matching Beatitudes, and answering questions about their meaning to increase their "pilot ranking."
Galilee Flyer is now a free download for supporting members. Learn more!

Drama Workshop

Students will perform and videotape the game show script, "What Makes You Really Happy (Blessed)?" starring, Ivana B. Walthy, Marsha Mello, Saul Mine, and Jesus T. Christ. They will also perform two short commercials about the Beatitudes type of happiness. The performances point out the stark contrast between Jesus' values and the world's values. See the adaptation notes for a fun way to do the drama with non-readers.

Hero Sandwich Cooking Workshop
Hero sandwich for the Beatitudes Cooking lesson

The teacher will walk students through the construction of a "Beatitudes Hero Sandwich" whose parts represent and reinforce the eight Beatitudes.

The "Beat-itudes" Music (Rhythm) Workshop

Students will hear, see, sing, and keep a Beatitudes beat using various objects/sound effects to learn and "beat" along with scripture and The Beatitudes Song. They will answer the question, "Who's beat do you follow?" and "What's the beat that Jesus is laying down?" No musical skill required!

A music lesson using rhythm instruments to teach the beat-itudes

Video Workshop

Students will see and discuss two short videosUse Life of Christ software to teach the Beatitudes. The first video clip is a selection from the Life of Christ movie. The second video clip contrasts the Beatitudes with what other people think is the way to true happiness. This contrast is the crux of your lesson. The lesson plan has links to both videos so you can preview them in advance.

Additional Resources

We've added some additional resources, including a contemporary Christian song's music video link for older children and youth to view and discuss.




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