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About Rotation.org

We are a volunteer-led and independent online community of Sunday School teachers, pastors, and parents sharing our passion, ideas, and lessons for all types of Sunday Schools and children's programming. We're also passionate about the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School -- which explains why our lesson forums are organized by "workshops." Regardless of your Sunday School's model or theology, you are welcome to browse and adapt what you like for non-commercial teaching purposes. Please also be a contributor!

Founded in 1997, our editorial point of view and membership tends to reflect the mainline Protestant and Reformed origins of our site and founders' denominational affiliations. That said, we have members from across the denominational spectrum --all of whom know it's their responsibility to take our offerings and adapt them to their needs. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit funded by our members and led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

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Some of the things that make Rotation.org unique:

  • Our focus is being here for the committed & creative teachers and church staff who want more than "freebie quickie craft ideas."
  • Because much of our content comes from and/or is improved by our members, you might say we are "crowd-sourcing" great lessons and content for Sunday School. Unlike traditional publishers focused on what's for sale this year, we collect and create, improve and store great content so you can find it now or in the years ahead.
  • We believe so much in tapping the talents of our members that we organize "Writing Teams" to create extra creative lesson sets --providing training and peer review to those who want to sharpen their lesson writing skills and share them with our members.
  • We do not accept advertisingUnlike some other "free" Sunday School lesson websites, we don't write fake recommendations for products or advertisers. We also do not fill our pages with junk content in order to attract search engine clicks and tout products.
  • We offer personal online lesson help to Sunday School teachers.
  • We believe in creativity and in serving the learning needs of both younger and older children. Too many advertiser-funded websites offer simplistic Bible lessons written for 1st graders. We write for older kids too.
  • We believe in sharing many ideas and lessons per story, and not just one -- because we know that creative teachers appreciate having creative choices.

Because of our Rotation roots, our resources tend to focus on "major" Bible stories, and can have fewer resources on certain passages that might be considered "second tier" when it comes to what kids need to focus on. That said, you are certainly welcome to post ideas or ask for help about ANY Bible story you wish. 

If you need to contact us, create a message in our Contact Forum.

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See a brief online presentation about the Rotation Model

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About the Lessons and Ideas at Our Site

We believe creativity is non-denominational, and that most ideas and lessons can be easily adapted by any church.

Most of our complete lessons are written for the Workshop Rotation Model's "workshop" classroom concept -- but can easily be adapted by traditional Sunday Schools. In fact, most of our visitors have traditionally organized Sunday Schools.

Most of our lesson topics are organized by teaching medium, such as, "Art," "Video," and "Drama."  Because Rotation modelers teach each story several weeks in a row, we can take our time, teach with many approaches, and don't have to pile it all into one week's lesson.

Age Range

Goliath visits our classroom

Lesson plans at this site tend to be broadly graded for grades 2-5 and easily adapted to K-1. Some lessons come with younger and older adaptations. Because Rotation teachers are expected to know how to adapt their lesson each week when a different grade comes through their workshop.

Sources and Quality Control:

Lessons and ideas come from a wide variety of teachers and churches, and many contain creative ideas you'll want to flesh-out or adapt. Volunteers and staff review and sometimes improve contributed content. We tend and prune content from time to time to keep the best and retire the rest. Volunteer and professional lesson editors also work here to make Rotation.org a constantly improving resource. 

About the "Writing Team" Lessons at Our Site

In addition to thousands of free lesson resources available to all, our site is home to "The Writing Team" --a professionally led, volunteer team of writers. You'll see their work linked alongside the publicly available lessons in our forums. 

Everyone can see a MENU of WRITING TEAM lesson sets, plus the Lesson Summaries for each set.

Access to the Writing Team Lessons is the major benefit of
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How We Pay the Bills

Rotation.org is a 501(c)3 non-profit run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Rotation.org is entirely funded by Supporting Memberships and special donations from members and churches.

In addition to the hosting costs of our amazing site software, our expenses include a part-time Webmaster, a Writing Team Lead Writer, and occasional content and forum improvement projects.

Our site content, decisions, and finances are overseen by our volunteer Board of Directors. Each is an experienced teacher and several are professional Christian educators. 

Rotation.org's website is powered by Social Strata's Crowdstack web platform. When you become a Supporting Member, you will use Social Strata's secure "CrowdStackPay" credit-card transaction process. At no time does Rotation.org see your cc data. Your email address is kept private.

Learn more about the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School

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Learn more about our Board of Directors

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Many churches and individuals make an annual or one-time donation over and above their Supporting Member contribution in support of Rotation.org. In fact, to make our budget we need many to do just that.

To make an "over and above" donation, go to our Online Donation option at the non-profit "Networkforgood.org" website "donation cart" -or- click the "donate" button on our Facebook page.

Donating through our Facebook page or Networkforgood.org is not the same as becoming an annual Supporting Member at our site. They are simply ways to make an additional donation.

If you prefer to send your "over and above" contribution by check, send it payable to Rotation.org Inc to:

Rotation.org Inc.
c/o Ron Shifley, Treasurer
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(please include your name and email with the check)

We are a "Guidestar" certified 501(c)3 non-profit.
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