Fall Sunday School Kickoff, Launch, Renewal Resources

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Fall Sunday School Kickoff & Renewal Resources

Whether your Sunday School follows the school year or runs all year long, the fall program "kickoff" is a special time of renewal and celebration in most U.S. and Canadian churches. In addition to attractive activities, many programs feature Bible stories and lessons with a renewal theme. In the following links, you'll find years' worth of Sunday School "kickoff" lessons, activities, and ideas for recruiting and training teachers that our members have been creating and collecting. Learn more about Rotation.org's creating and sharing ministry and become a member.

BETH TOBIN's Two Favorite Fall Renewal Bible Stories and Activities
Peter & Cornelius and the Wise and Foolish Builders

RALLY Day Ideas, Restart, "Kickoff," Return, Renewal

RENEWAL-themed Sunday School Lessons and Ideas, Recommitment, Rally

TEACHER RECRUITMENT and Training Ideas, Helps, Handouts Free Sunday School Teacher Recruiting and Training Resources

TOP TEN Reasons to Teach Sunday School (fun and shareable PDF)

TREASURE HUNT: Journey with Jesus--and Out into the World

WORSHIP Resources for the theme of Renewal, Baptismal Vow Renewal, Children's Sermons

OBJECT LESSONS & Demonstrations about Renewal, Recommitment for Kids


"LET'S GO!" Video Clip Discussion Starter for teachers and leaders
A free video for leaders, teachers, and committees preparing to "take the leap." Includes a handout.

"THROWING STONES in the VALLEY OF ELAH" - What "giants" is your program facing and what "stones" can you throw to succeed?
This renewal article describes many of the "giants" Sunday Schools face and the stones (changes) we may need to throw at them.

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