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wormy-scratch2General Support Issues
Log-in problems
Password problems
Registration Help

This forum is monitored, expect a reply here within 24 hours.  After reading this post, feel free to reply with your question.  

Make sure you check back here for your reply. Questions and responses are usually deleted within 72 hours. Please read the following items before posting your question.



Go to the Sign-in screen, type your email address as shown, then click "Forgot Password" link. An email will be sent to you with a reset link.



  • Some content and features are Supporting Member Only.
  • Sometimes we're in the process of editing a content area and errors can occur when you try to access them.
  • Sometimes we disable access to a topic or forum while we're editing it --and you may not see the message that it is disabled.
  • Sometimes links to content stop working.
  • MAKE SURE your web browser is NOT set to 'private' mode or anonymous mode. This will keep site cookies from properly identifying you.

POST A MESSAGE BELOW with details about the exact content you were trying to access
, and the webpage you were on.


You can update your email address and password by editing your PROFILE.

IF YOU LOST YOUR USERNAME, or no longer have the EMAIL ADDRESS which you used to register at, POST A REPLY BELOW with you name and current email address so we can get in touch with you. Include your old email address that was associated with your log-in.

CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in your user account by clicking the GEAR in the far upper right corner of this screen.

IF YOU FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD, click the "Lost/Forgot" password feature on the Sign-In screen as described above.



Perhaps the #1 Log-in CONFUSION is when a member has created TWO usernames, and is trying to log in to one with the password from the other!  Check your username & password.

If you don't remember your password, or there's a chance you have remembered it incorrectly!  Try to log in, and use the "lost password" feature. Then check your email for details.

Where's My Supporting Membership?

Why isn't my Log-In allowing me access to Supporting Member content?

It's also not uncommon for people to create a Supporting Membership under ONE username, and then try to log-in with another username they previously created that isn't a Supporting Member. Supporting Membership access is only tied to the specific username you created and signed-up to be a Supporting Member with.

Also... MAKE SURE your web browser is NOT set to 'private' mode or anonymous mode. This will keep site cookies from properly identifying you.

To change your Email, Displayed Name, Password, or any other Account Info, go to your PROFILE PAGE.  

Click your Profile Name on the Blue Menu Bar at the top of any screen and select EDIT PROFILE.


  • Receipts for all account and CC transactions are EMAILED to the email address you provided when signing up. It is your responsibility to write down your user/access/cc info.
  • Receipts will come from so be sure to put that in your email address book so that receipts don't get marked as spam.
  • Failure to read or allow email from CROWDSTACK our site server can result in automatic renewal of your annual membership. Do not spam trap feepod/ emails.


Sometimes a new staff person at a church, or new leader needs to takeover an existing Supporting Member account.

Post the name of the person's account you want to take over and we'll look into it.


In many cases, it's best for you to just register your own account as the Supporting Member account. No refunds will be issued for unused months of a person's Supporting Membership.

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS after becoming a Supporting Member of

The email address you use to sign up with REMAINS your log-in/username until you decide to change it in your profile.  This is true even if your original email address goes defunct (such as if you switch your email from yahoo to gmail or something like that).

But...we want you to have your CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS as your official username/log-in.  Why? Because that's also the email people can contact you at from to ask you about a post you've made, and it's also the email address your email newsletter gets sent to.

So please, remember to update your email address in your Profile if you change email providers/addresses.

If you change your email address, and don't update it in your profile, supporting member auto-renew is unaffected.


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Hi, I would like to change my email address, but when I try to do that, it then asks for my password. Which I have forgotten !!!!!

So how do I change my email and make a new password?

My old email address is and my new address is


Hi Ruth. If you still have access to your old email account then you can select the Lost Password link on the page and it will send a reset link to that old address.

Once you reset your password to a new one you can select to manage your profile at and change your account to your new email address.

If you can no longer access your old email account then let me know

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