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New from the Writing Team:
Lost Sheep, Lost Coin Sunday School Lessons

Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin

Seven fresh and wonderfully creative lessons about two of Jesus' most important parables. Supporting Members can copy, download, and adapt the lessons as they wish. Everyone can read the lesson summaries and Bible background. Each lesson is broadly graded with adaptations for younger and older students, and for those with shorter or longer class times. The Team's lessons are in addition to our hundreds of publicly available lesson ideas and plans. Learn more about the Team and see a menu of their lesson sets!

🌼Ideas for Teacher~Leader Appreciation

Sunday School Teaching Treasures for home and church

Come see Cathy and Robin's latest re-discoveries
featuring their finds from our Emmaus and Great Commission resources.

Illustration of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is the official home of over 140 New Testament story illustrations by Annie Vallotton, the Swiss artist whose illustrations famously grace the pages of the Good News Bible. The collection has many post-resurrection story images and includes both color background and grayscale versions of each image. Download the images for your congregational use!!

Free Bible story software for children

We are the new home of Sunday Software's interactive Bible programs for kids!

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about these free downloadable Bible software programs. Become a Supporting Member and start downloading, teaching with, and sharing them today.

Rebuilding Sunday School after the pandemic
Visit our special collection of discussion forums, ideas, lessons, and resources related to Sunday School both during and coming out of the pandemic:

About the Rotation Model and Organization of Our Site

Our Bible Story Lesson Forums are organized around "major" Bible stories and "Workshops" -- such as Art, Video, and Drama (creative teaching methods). This organization is a nod to our Rotation modelers for whom this site was originally created. It ALSO helps traditional Sunday Schools looking for more than the "same-old craft." View a short video about the Model.

See a short video about the Workshop Rotation Model

Print a one page PDF about the Model
Learn more about the Model

Here's an example of a Rotation schedule for 2 broadly graded groups. View the presentations for more scheduling and scaling examples.

rotation model schedule

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