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Rotation Star !Welcome to our expanding collection of Advent lesson ideas, lesson plans, and teaching resources (now including New Year's and Epiphany). Pick an Advent topic and add your lesson idea.

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Isaiah 7 (Immanuel), Isaiah 9 (Wonderful Counselor...), and Matthew 1 (you shall name him Jesus). This revised and improved "WT" lesson set was previously titled, "Birth of Jesus through the Eyes of Isaiah." 

Lesson summary and Bible background open to all.
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Most Recent Post (WT) Advent: Isaiah Promised, Jesus Fulfilled ~ Art
Writing Team Lesson Set: Advent ~ Isaiah Promised; Jesus Fulfilled

Everyone can read the Lesson Summary for this set, which lists all of the workshop lessons included in this lesson set.  However, one must be a Supporting Member to view the individual Writing Team lesson plans in this set.  Become a Supporting Member today.

Most Recent Post (WT) Mary Accepts, Magnifies, Ponders ~ Bible Skills & Games
Writing Team Lesson Set: Mary Accepts, Magnifies, Ponders

The Writing Team's "Jesus is Born!" lesson set is open to all! 
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Scripture in this set: Matthew 1:18-25 (Angel's Announcement to Joseph) and Luke 2:1-7 (Decree, Journey to Bethlehem, and Birth).

Most Recent Post (WT) Jesus is Born! ~ Art Workshop
Writing Team Lesson Set:  Jesus is Born! - Open to All Guests and Members

The Magi Lesson Set from the Writing Team has six uniquely creative workshop-style lessons on the Matthew 2:1-12 story. Each emphasizes important life applications. Everyone can read the Lesson Summaries and Bible Background. Supporting members can access the lesson plans. Join today

Adaptable by all types of Sunday School. Great ideas for Advent Programs too.

Most Recent Post (WT) The Magi ~ "Selfie" Drama (Photography) Workshop
Writing Team Lesson Set:  The Magi

This forum is for workshop lessons and ideas related to the prophets' hope for a Messiah, and Isaiah's prophecies. "On them has the light shined." "Immanuel," "Wonderful Counselor," "Prince of Peace."

Most Recent Post ART Lessons & Ideas for Isaiah foretells the Messiah
Jesus' Birth foretold by Isaiah and the Prophets

Mary and Joseph's story, the Annunciation of the Angel, Mary's Song of Joy. Mary and Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Zechariah. Many lessons here also include other parts of the Birth story.

Most Recent Post Zechariah, Smells, and the Altar of Incense in the Temple
Jesus' Birth, with Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah stories

Workshop lessons, ideas, and resources featuring the story of the shepherds, angelic host, and Jesus birth in the stable. Some lessons here may include other parts of the Birth story as well.

Most Recent Post Gabriel's Announcement to Zechariah About the Birth of John (several lessons from Wendy Humphries)
Jesus' Birth through the Eyes of the Shepherds, Angelic Host, and the Stable

Resources in this "general" Jesus' Birth forum tend to cover the "entire" story of Jesus' birth, rather than specific parts and persons, such as shepherds or Magi.

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Most Recent Post VIDEO and MUSIC Workshop Lessons, Ideas and Resources for the Birth of Jesus
Jesus' Birth ~ General Lessons and Ideas

This forum is for sharing ideas and resources for celebrating Christmas in the church: "Advent Programs" (pageants, special worship, skits, etc) and Advent projects.

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Most Recent Post Different and Fun Ideas for Advent Here!
Celebrating Christmas: Programs, Pageants, Scripts, Projects ideas

In this topic we are collecting Advent resources and ideas that don't seem to fit in our other more "story-specific" topics, including "Christmas around the world," Advent calendars, wreaths.

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Most Recent Post ADVENT and CHRISTMAS devotions and family worship resources
More Advent Resources, Ideas, Christmas traditions, Misc.

3 KingsLesson ideas and resources for celebrating New Year's and "Three Kings Day" (Epiphany).   For the Matthew 2 story of the Magi/Wisemen go to our public Magi forum or see the Writing Team's Lesson Set about the Magi.

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Most Recent Post Epiphany (Three Kings Day) January 6th
Epiphany, Three Kings Day, New Year's ~ Lessons and Resources
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