Recommended Bible software and Bible apps for children, Tech, Lesson Plans, and Teaching Techniques for using software in Sunday School or at home

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Bible software and apps for children

Welcome to's Software Resource Menu supports in all sorts of creative ways to teach God's Word, and that includes technology such as computers and tablets, software and apps. We have several areas on our site where we talk about and share resources.

The "How to" Computer Workshop" Resource Forum features discussion about "why and how-to," plus teaching resources, software and Bible app recommendations for both PC and tablets/smartphones, and photos.

Our Software Download Forum features the 24 Bible software programs given to us by Sunday Software and EPC for use by our Supporting Members and their congregations. Everyone can browse the software descriptions, see the guides and tech tips, and follow the links to lesson plans that use these programs.

The Computer Workshop Lesson Topics in our Bible story lesson forums.  Pick a Bible story and go to its "Computer Workshop" listing to see what software, app, or tech people are recommending for that story, plus see lesson plans and ideas.

Go to our discussion and list of Bible apps for tablets and smartphones for in-class and at-home use. Our "teaching with tech" crowd stays on top of what's out there and what's best. This discussion also mentions creativity apps than can be used for learning.

View's 2022 Webinar on Teaching with Bible Software and Bible Apps in Sunday School. The video discusses "getting started," "favorite software and apps." and has a page of links to recommended resources.

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