"Workshop" is the Rotation Model word for a "teaching-medium-specific" classroom,  such as a workshop/classroom that shows videos or teaches with art projects, or uses cooking as its activity. In the following teaching-medium-specific topics, you will find general lists of resources, teaching techniques and materials, how-to help, manuals, and discussion. Traditional classrooms will certainly find many inspirational ideas and creative techniques here.

If you're looking for a lesson idea that uses a specific technique (such as a "video for Prodigal Son") go to our LESSON forum for that Bible story.

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A growing collection of photos showing Rotation Model workshop activities, projects, and decor, as well as, photos from other creative Sunday Schools. 

Most Recent Post VIDEO/A-V Workshop Photos

Art Workshop Design Ideas, material suggestions, art teaching techniques, Art supplies and curriculum resources.

Most Recent Post Scripture Doodling

General game resources, ideas, teaching tips, brainstorms, discussion, lesson plan suggestions. For story specific game workshop ideas, visit the lesson forums.  *New Manual Recently Posted*

Most Recent Post Game "Props," Buzzers, Gizmos, Question Devices

Computer Workshop "How-to" Start-up Manual, Software, Hardware, Setup issues, Lesson techniques, Design ideas, Technical advice, Photos, Names, Software resources, websites, online resources, etc. 

Most Recent Post The Maker's Space

"Cooking with Kids," Technique, Tips, Equipment, Recipes, Favorite Ideas, Room Design, and Curriculum Resources

Most Recent Post COOKING Workshop Photos

Drama ideas for Sunday School. Drama techniques & tips. Great prop ideas, costume suggestions, Drama room design, and Drama resources. "Newsroom," "Blacklight Theater," "Flat Lay," and "Sideways Scene" techniques.

Most Recent Post Black Light Theater Instuctions by Luanne Payne & Janice Loeb

Teaching ideas for the Music Workshop, room design, music resources, notes on 'how to,' lesson resources, information about instruments, etc. Music in Christian Education. Song sources. Contemporary Christian music resources. Free registration required.

Most Recent Post Good Contemporary Christian Music We Can Teach With

Methods, ideas, and resources for teaching with puppets in Sunday School.

Most Recent Post Amy Crane's detailed "Bringing the Bible to Life Using Puppets"

Teaching with Video manual, Sources of good videos, Suggestions for Teaching with Video, creating video, photography, A-V "Theater" room design, furnishings. Using YouTube in the classroom. "How to." Connecting smartphone to TV. Projectors. Etc. Misc comments on particular video series and sources. Using photography and cellphones in class, etc.

Most Recent Post Teaching with Secular Movies: rationale and movie suggestions

Science (Demonstration, Object Lesson) and Gardening workshop resources, curriculum suggestions, teaching tips, material suggestions, favorite experiments, and more on these unique workshops.

Most Recent Post SCIENCE (Demonstration), Movement, and Spirituality Workshop Photos

The "Lego" Workshop and "Story Table" Workshop both use the same principle to engage and teach: students construct then retell the Bible story using props (figurines, legos, etc).  In the past, these workshop ideas have also been called "Diorama" and "Construction" workshops.

Most Recent Post The Diorama or "Story Table" Workshop

Methods and ideas for the storytelling workshop.


Creative ideas and methods for the dance, gesture, or movement workshop.

Most Recent Post Dance / Gesture / Movement Techniques

Creative Writing techniques, lesson plan tips, resources, room design

Most Recent Post MAILBOX TO GOD

Ideas for making your workshops and hallways awesome. We suggest you also check the Workshop Photos Forum.

Most Recent Post Ceiling & Floor Treatments

Mission Workshop, Faith Mentor Workshop, Temple or Tent Workshop (worship), Shared Space, Special Needs Students, Other Workshop Concepts, etc.

Most Recent Post The "Mission" Workshop

Worship Workshop is a new forum for ideas about using elements of worship to study a story. This forum also discusses the possibility of Attending Worship AS a Workshop, -for those churches where Sunday School is held concurrently with regular worship.

Most Recent Post Attending worship service as a workshop
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